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Located in the Dallas, Texas area.
Currently Available --- Litter Update Page

No pups at this time.
It will likely be a year before we have puppies available.


Sad to say, but we may not have puppies available until 2015. If you have been keeping an eye on the site and find this news disappointing, please text for details: 940-300-8429. It boils down to conflicts with our family life not allowing us to breed; positive conflicts - just too much on our busy schedules.

Occasionally, we get updates from rescue shelters as well as owners needing to find a new home due to new circumstances. To be placed on our email waiting list to receive updates regarding rescues or Dobermans needing a new home, fill out the respective form to the right.
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Two waiting lists are maintained --
(1) One for puppies
(2) The other for Rescues/ Dobermans needing new homes.

You may subscribe to one or both lists by filling out the respective forms to the right.

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There you can link to past litters and read letters from
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(For more information, Email Now! or Text: 940.300.8429)
Note: Phone will go to voice messaging. Text messaging is preferred!

Summary of options we have available to you:

(1) The Garretts' Sable has been retired. Ella has continued to go in heat at bad times for us to either get her bred or have puppies. We did keep a female out of Sable. Look for a litter out of her in about 2 years.

(2) The Watsons will likely have the next litter. Best guess is in 2015.

(3) Check out our Doberman Rescue page for rescue organizations near you. NOTE: We are always looking to add to the Rescue list. So, please, if you know of one, EMAIL the contact information to us! [Note: It has been assumed we get money helping place rescues. This is a free service for Dobes in need.]
Doberman Rescue Organizations

Meet the Breeders!
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