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This black female is now living in Plano, TX with Amy & husband.

June 25, 2008 -

I bought Lola, one of the litters from Aggie, when you still lived off Lake Lewisville. I have forwarded the info on your last available pup to my friend Eniko Bartha, also living in Dallas. I hope she contacts you, because I can’t praise Lola and having a Doberman enough! And, if I had room enough for one more dog, I would want the last one you have.

Lola is 5 now and she is still as amazing as ever. She is so affectionate and smart. What we initially thought would be an outside dog, has since the get-go been an inside dog! She even knows how to open doors to get in any room…inside or out!


March 18, 2004 -
"Thank you for the e-card! Here are some pictures of Lola taken on the 14th...

She is such a great dog! She's so sweet and loving.

Very smart and funny too!

We enjoy every minute with her! She loves water....
she gets in our pool and lays on the first step,
and loves to play with the water hose.

When it's time for a bath, she walks right into
the shower and sits patiently until she's clean!

She loves walks and riding in the car. Her most favorite activity is
going to Doggie Daycare and playing with other big dogs...
Thanks, and take care!" -- Amy Dempsey

"Oh! I think she was the largest black female of the litter.
She weighs in at 87 lbs at one year. The vet says she
should be in the lower 80's, so we'll feed her a bit less,
but she's a big girl!!"

September 11, 2003 -
Laura --

"Finally have some pictures of Lola at almost 6 months, and wanted to share
them with you! She is an absolutely wonderful dog! She weighed 52 pounds
at 5 months, and has a very shiny and beautiful coat (I attribute that to the
Nutro Natural dog food!)."

"She is currently in intermediate obedience training classes, and is learning
so fast! She is extremely intelligent and alert! She is so friendly and loving,
and I've even caught her grinning at us a couple of times. She met her first
horse last weekend, and it was a riot. She wasn't sure what those huge
moving creatures were, but warmed up to them after about 20 minutes.
She loves our pool and sits on the first step daily...she also loves the water
hose! I had no idea they liked water so much."

"Just thought I'd let you know how happy we are with Lola. I'm looking
forward to watching her grow, and happy to have her as part of the family!"

Best Regards,
Amy Dempsey         and Lola

May 3, 2003 -
Amy Dempsey took her and Jack's new pup home to Plano, Texas.

Pictures taken at 6 weeks

5 weeks - Biggest of the black females.

This pup sold to Amy and Jack Dempsey from Plano, Texas on
April 20, 2003. Jack wanted a calm, big girl - she fit the bill!
What was so cute is that she seemed to choose him.

Picture at 4 Weeks

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