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Ella's 2nd Litter

Born July 27, 2015

Started off with an eventful beginning. Our kids were dropped off at camp and hours later, Ella had first pup in the corner of my daughter's room. After 5 hours of being in labor post the first pup, I decided it was time to go see the vet...which was about to close as I loaded them up ...so, off to the ER we went. Short story, Ella had a c-section and I left the ER about 3 a.m. with three healthy male pups (they were all she had which is probably why things never progressed).

Only having 3 pups has been a fun, easy experience. They had no trouble finding a meal which meant they were rolly polly and very advanced. Eyes opened about 4 days sooner than what is typical, ears several days after eyes and early; they walked and I mean WALKED on all fours a week earlier than normal. This is one of the most relaxed litters we have ever had. Everything comes easy to them.

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