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Pricing and Location

What is important to us when caring and raising pups?

(1) Proper vaccination schedule, parasite prevention program.
Owners are provided with a record vaccinations and other health care received.

(2) Socialization:
During the critical socialization period, pups receive lots of human interaction. Lots of love is given. We hold the pups quite often. The end result of the attention given is a pup that bonds quickly with its new family.

(3) Grooming:
Each puppy will be properly groomed and cared for including regular nail trimming, ear care, frequent baths, etc. When pups leave our care, they are accustomed to being handle.

(4) Educating new owners:
An information packet will be given to each owner containing helpful information to help you take care of your new family member.

(5) Happiness Guarantee:
If for some reason the puppy does not work out for you, we will work with you. We want what is best for our puppies!

NOTE: $250 will be withheld to cover the costs of caring for the puppy and running an additional ad if all the other puppies have been sold. If the pup has not been well cared for, you will be responsible for the costs to get the puppy back in good health. We will take the puppy back. Note the word "puppy". If you have your Doberman for years and need to re-home, we will help you locate a new owner through our social media outlets and waiting lists.

Please make a responsible choice in buying a Doberman. If there is any potential reason you might not be able to fully provide the care a Doberman needs through its old age which means providing proper care once old age sets in, DO NOT buy a Doberman and bring into your home! Dobermans become very attached to their owners. It is heartbreaking when they have to leave the family they love.

(6) Health guarantee:
We are dealing with live animals. If a health problem linked to diseases common to this breed arise, we will work with you to do what is right for the puppy. While we can never replace the bond that forms between you and the pup, we will either replace the puppy or refund money. The common health problems associated with this breed to which our health guarantee covers includes von Willebrand's disease (vWD) related to severe bleeding, cardiomyopathy, and Wobbler's syndrome. Again, these are live animals and we cannot fully guarantee a health issue will not present.

(7) Return policy:
While we are not able to take grown Dobermans back, we will work with you in order to find a suitable new home. Let's say 5 years after the purchase you no longer find that the dog fits into your life, we will help you find a new owner.  We do not want them abandoned. We have had good success with this on many occasions. Of special note, please be responsible. It is EXTREMELY hard to find a new home for dogs over 6 years old. Once you commit to making a Doberman part of your life, do not abandon him once he gets up in years. Dobermans give you their full heart. Don't break it!

Price and Availability

[Posted when a litter is born - Click above]

-- PRICE -- $2,000 --

Ear crop is additional fee of $600 (vet's fee).

Even if a pup is mark sold or deposit pending, contact us and let us know you are interested. We will put you on our "back up" list - in case someone should change their mind! (It happens almost every litter.) Also, you need to contact us A.S.A.P. if you want one of the pups that are available to secure your "pick".

Deposit money is collected from those who have requested to be placed on our waiting list once the litter is born and we know we have what you want. This ensures you get the puppy of your choice. If you are interested, email garrettdobies@gmail.com


If you are on our waiting list, you will be notified when it is confirmed that our female is pregnant and then after the puppies are born. Around 3-4 weeks of age, you may come out and see the litter. Around 4 weeks old, owners usually begin making their picks (in the order that deposit money was received). At 8 weeks, the puppies will be released IF each individual puppy is eating well and is socialized to our liking.
Note: Pups flying home are required to be 8 weeks old.

The deposit fee is $500 (applies to final price of pup). Deposit money guarantees that you get the puppy you pick out. NOTE: Please be sure you are ready to commit when you send the deposit money. If you decide to cancel, a $250 fee will be removed from the deposit fund.

Why is a deposit required?

We require a deposit to be paid once the litter is born in order to hold your pick. The above stated amount was chosen as it is significant enough to demonstrate a commitment. If you decide to back out after leaving the deposit money with us, money will be withheld as defined above. Once you pick a puppy, we will be turning down others who might otherwise be interested in that puppy. This fee helps cover costs involved. Let us know if you have any questions.

Waiting List:

If you are interested in being placed on the waiting list for future litters, fill out the form below.
(It will be sent as an email.)

What is your name?

What is your email address?

What gender are you wanting?

What color?

What can you tell us about the home you will provide?

What is your phone number?

Where are you located?

Would you like to be placed on our email waiting list to receive periodic updates?


[Above info Required to be on waiting list.]

Release Date:

As mentioned above, we will be releasing the puppies no sooner than 8 weeks old pending how well each one is doing with eating dog food. For socialization of the puppy, it is considered best to keep him with the litter until 8 weeks old. If you have another dog, this will help that socialization come along nicely. Once we notify you that your puppy is ready for release, the remainder of the puppy fee will be due.


We are located north of Dallas, Texas. We have shipped several puppies in the past and this would not be a problem, but note it is at your expense (we help line everything up, though). NOTE: We have shipped to Canada, but will NOT make international shipments elsewhere - only within the 48 continental states and Canada (so long as the flight time does not exceed 6 hours).


Shipping is through the airlines. We take care of everything. You simply have to show up to the airport at the time of arrival.

.........Pups 8 to 11 weeks old -- $650, which includes crate, health certificate, microchip, and flight.

.........Pups 12 to 15 weeks old - $900, which includes larger crate, health certificate, microchip, rabies shot, and flight.

Ear cropping:

Ear cropping is additional. To have our veterinarian do the procedure, it is $600.

Note: Pups sold through GarrettsDobermans.com are ultimately the responsibility of the litter's owner. You have 48 hours from the time you receive the pup to have your vet check the pup for any immediate problems. After that time, it is your responsibility to provide the pup with the proper care necessary to keep it healthy including finishing full series of puppy shots, rabies at 12 weeks, heartworm prevention, deworming when necessary, etc.

Getting with a good veterinarian will help guide you through this confusing year of caring for your young pup. Additionally, we recommend that you do not expose your pup to any environment where the potential for exposure to harmful pathogens might be high. For example, as much fun as taking your pup to the dog park or even the pet store might sound, we highly advise against it until your pup has completed its full vacinations. This is extremely important with this particular breed as Dobermans are more susceptible to Parvo.

One thing that really makes a difference in our pups temperament - even as they get older - is the amount of time we spend holding the pups and working with them everyday.

These pups aren't kept away from the family in some back part of the yard. I hear from owners of our pups frequently. They are always bragging about the pup being so smart and having a great temperament.

We didn't fully understand until we kept our first "Garrett raised" pup -- Scarlett. Her mother, Aggie, was a great dog and a true sweetheart, however there was always something noticeably different about Scarlett. She was sweet and gentle to an extreme. We have since experienced the same with Sable, Ella, Blue, and Buster. Coming from a good bloodline is one part of it, but we now believe the other part is the way we raise the pups from day one. We absolutely guarantee that a pup from our Dobes will fit your family's needs -- and we only sell to family homes. No breeders.

As for price, we do not usually have a hard time selling at the price we ask. Again, there is a certain quality you get from these pups that you are not going to get from other breeders. We feel strongly about that!

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