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-- NOTE: Information on site outdated. Currently editing. One female may be bred Spring 2018. Name: "Blue" (Sable's daughter) --




Garretts Dobermans focuses on raising Dobermans in a loving family environment. Pups brought up in a family setting from day 1 make better pets, rather family members. Our primary concern is raising pups who have received plenty of love, ready to be a solid part of your family.

There are two breeders associated with Garretts' Dobermans:

(1) The Garretts, who own females Sable (retired), Ella (retired), and Blue (Sable's daughter) and their three children.

(2) The Watsons and their three adult children. [Not currently breeding. Pray for granddaughter, Sophie Skiles, who is currently battling cancer.]

To read more about our current and past breeders, specifically, what each has to say about how pups are raised, click on following link:

Meet the Breeders!


Q: When are puppies released to go into homes?

A: When the pups are 8 weeks old, placement of the pups begins. Owners may pick up their pup from the litter's home site. Pup may also be shipped to major airport.

Q: When may I first visit the pups?

A: We allow potential owners to visit the pups at anytime they wish after 2 weeks of age asking that you do not bring another dog to meet the pup until 7 weeks old.

The Garretts first Doberman was a well mannered black/rust female named Aggie. She taught us the beauty of the breed. She passed away in July of 2010 of old age. Aggie is the reason for this site and why we have continued on with this breed.

From Aggie's final litter before retiring to pet status, we kept Scarlett, affectionately nicknamed "Smiley". Scarlett passed away November of 2013. Our third Doberman, Sable, was out of Scarlett's last litter, born in January of 2009. Additionally, we obtained a blue/rust female from Ellie/Pyro's litter born July 26, 2009 -- Ella (Scarlett's granddaughter).

Most recently, we kept a pup out of Sable's final litter. She is named Blue. We plan to breed her as soon as we find a suitable male. The future breeding program for the Garretts will continue with Blue and eventually a female from her litter.

We encourage you to spend some time on this site. More specifically, spend time reading letters sent in from owners of pups from our previous litters. The temperaments of our Dobermans are exceptional. We spend a lot of time handling them as pups.

If you have questions that are not answered on this site or simply want to contact us personally, you can

Text message:

or E-mail us at: Garrett@NutrActive.com

Our beloved and missed girls, Aggie (black/rust) and
Scarlett (red/rust; Aggie's daughter) -
Aggie got us hooked on Dobes!

The site and our breeding practices all began with Aggie. Her wonderful nature with our children inspired us to educate people on Dobermans as well as produce awesome four legged family members. We hope you learn from the site and what owners share within it.
Sable with her human buddy
Sable with her human buddy
boy with doberman female
blue and rust female doberman with little girl
Ella with her princess
girl with doberman female

How much do you trust your Doberman around your child?

For those of you who own a Doberman and have children or close relatives that are around often enough to test your canine friend, please participate in this forum discussion regarding how much you trust your four-legged partner around the pint-sized people.

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kids with Dobermans    Grandma with 5 week Doberman pup    day old doberman pups with mom and children
    child with week old doberman puppies   Pyro   children with 2 week old doberman pups
Doberman puppies play with children   Doberman mother and pups   Family Doberman puppies
Garrett child with Pat George Dobes   Red and rust male doberman puppy

Pups from Sable's first litter; champion sired

>>> Comments and Testimonials <<<

Click here to read more about Violet plus pictures!

Look at these Girls! Faith and Violet in March. I wanted to again express how grateful we are to you for raising such a true to standard breed of dog. Sounds silly but you actually have changed my life. I never thought I would own a dog like this .

Well, please put us on a waiting list for your next litter. We would never consider going anywhere else. Our family does not overlook all the little extras you do with your pups to make them so special.
Thanks! Tara " -- sent April 12, 2006
>> Click here to go to Violet's page <<

Click here to read more about Ozzy plus pictures!
"Here Laura, I really want you to see this picture....it shows how good Dobes are with children! He is SO good with Zakk - they love to play chase and wrestle!"
>> Click here to go to Ozzy's page <<

Click for Aggie's 4th litter - Pictures with the children
Mother dobe with family's children and her pups.
Click on picture to see more pictures from this litter.

Pic shared by Kelley, owner of Gracie (Peppy's 2nd litter) :
red and rust female doberman with boy

Pic shared by Lisa, owner with Gary of Bo (Scarlett's 4th litter) :
Red and rust male doberman puppy with little child

From a fellow breeder -
"I am like Rhonda (another breeder), you have the best looking pups I have ever seen. I hope my pups get that pretty. The web site looks great! Pat"

Buyers BEWARE:
Do NOT ATTEMPT to buy pups from the classified ad site: www.OLX.com

I was alerted to search for misuse of my photos after someone reported driving several hours to pick up an older Doberman (sold using photos of my site) only to find out there was no Doberman. I have tried asking OLX to remove ads falsely using my photos but they claim without a watermark, they cannot. COPYRIGHTS protect me!

OLX response (which I have received several times from them on various ads I requested be removed) is an alarming reason not to remove ads. Sites like YouTube (which removed two pictures of mine used by someone else) are reputable and follow copyright rules. I would not trust any seller off OLX's site! There are plenty of reputable sites to search: NextDayPets.com, PuppyFind.com, QualityDog.com (to name a few).

From my recent experience with trying to get ads removed using my photos to sell pups, I would recommend staying away from ALL classified sites not specifically focused on selling dogs. It is now obvious to me that OLX is simply interested in having ad listings (free or not) and does not care if the advertiser is misrepresenting. Last bit of advice, contact the advertising company/site and ask how they protect you, the buyer...how can you rest assured the advertiser actually owns the dog(s)/pup(s) displayed in the ad.

For those curious about how to search for misuse of photos online, go to Google Images:

A search box is displayed that has a Camera icon. Click on the camera icon. You are then given the option to paste the url of the photo in question OR upload a photo; then click "Search By Image". The search will listed any site using that photo. Very handy tool Google has made available. I have found several pics owned by me via Google's Image Search. In fact, the most abused/misused pic I own is the one above of Aggie and Scarlett. Beware!

SPECIAL NOTICE: We do not claim to have show quality Dobermans.
Most of our Dobes are too large at adult age to even be considered.
We breed for TEMPERAMENT. Our focus lies primarily in providing
a dog that is trustworthy around young children ..
while still maintaining the protector instinct.

No other claims are made by us regarding our Dobermans.

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