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Located in the Dallas, Texas area.

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This big boy is now living in Arlington, Texas with Tina and her husband.

Doberman Pinschers
January 5, 2006 -

"Hi Laura,

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

Wanted to give you an update on Ty, I took him in December for his annual check up and had a complete CBC panel run including Thyroid and all is good on Ty including all of his organs. So we are good for another year. I was kind of worried about his thyroid only because he is so big. He weighs in at 106 and I have tried to get him below 100 but I doubt that is going to be possible he is just a big boy at 30" tall. My vet isn't concerned with his weight and says he looks great. So all is good healthwise.

Ty just had his 6th birthday on Jan. 3 but I'm sure you know that and he got a McDonald's hamburger which he enjoyed. Ty gets to sleep in bed with mommy when my husband is out of town. That is his special place. Otherwise, he sleeps on his dog pillow right next to my side of the bed. He gets so close that if I stepped out of bed, I would step on him. But I have gotten use to him being there, so I am able to miss him. I try putting his pillow a little over but he just drags it back to be close. He's such a sweetheart.

Do you know if all of his other littermates are still alive and well? Just curious.

Talk to you soon. Did I send you his picture with Santa? I can't remember. If not, let me know and I will. It's really cute.


January 23, 2006 -


I really appreciate your updates!!

Ty has turned out to be quite a big boy! Yes, he is pretty. Your female is goodlooking, too. It is hard to believe that Ty is 6. It just doesn't seem like it has been that long since we had our first litter. I am glad to hear you had him checked out real good .. and that everything is fine. Aggie turns 8 this April. She still acts like a puppy .. but luckily she knows when to turn that off. Other than a little gray coming in with her whiskers, you would never know that she is getting up there in her years.

I need to sign off .. but want to say thanks again for keeping us updated!!



"You're welcome. I'll keep you updated as things come up. Took Ty this weekend for his first obedience match and he did very well. He always makes me look good when I make mistakes. Dogs are very and always honest and once again showed me what we need to work on. He has such a good time whenever he gets to go in the car.

Talk to you soon.

December 20, 2005 -

"Hi Laura,

I'm sending you a picture of Ty (the large one on the left) and Tiffany, the girl I got 12 weeks ago. Thought you might like to see the big boy. Isn't he pretty? He is such a good boy as well, we call him our perfect boy. Tiffany has lots to learn yet.

Had his annual check up last week and he weighed 106. Had a full CBC panel run on him and everything is normal and all organs doing good and in normal range. Thought I'd let you know. I thought his thyroid might have been off but my vet ran a T4 and Ty's is 1.03 which is on the normal low side. We'll watch it as my vet doesn't want to start him on medication at this time so will just keep an eye on it.

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas !!

Tina, Tiffany and Ty, CGC, WAE"

November 1, 2005 -

"Hi Laura,

I heard you were back in town. Looked over your website. It's really nice.

I am currently a member of DPCA & DPCD a Doberman Rescue of North Texas. Saw on your website that you will help people find new homes for their unwanted dobes. Can't imagine why people would want to get rid of their babies....don't get me start on that.

I have recently gotten a black/tan female. She is 16 months old. I will start training her so when Ty retires, I will have something to show and not have the wait time I've had with Ty while we are training. My girl's name is Tiffany and out of Irina Sasu in Austin's bloodline. Are you familiar with her? Don't want to breed. Ty is altered. I was just looking for a girl to start working with for down the road. Ty is my heartdog and baby so he'll always be my favorite.

Are you testing for wobbers, cardo, hips etc. in your breeding program? Just curious. I know Ty is on the large size. What size are you currently getting out of your litters now?

Will send some current pictures of my Ty as soon as I can. I'm really bad about sending out what I get. I know I'm interested but he's my boy - so hate to be pushy with others.

Ty is really working well. His attention and heeling are so much better. I only wish I had gotten him as a baby as he would have done great things. If I get his CDX and Rally titles on him I'll be pleased. I probably won't train him through Utility due to his age but will love him even the more. He crawls up in bed on my side every morning while the coffee is brewing before the alarm goes off for his snuggle time. Got to love those boys.

Thanks for the update.

Tina & Ty"



Congratulations on your new girl! I am sure Ty is happy, too!

This is our first litter with Scarlett so I don't know what the size of these pups are going to be - I suspect larger like Ty. The families that come to me seem to prefer that trait. Scarlett is a bit larger than Aggie, not grossly oversized but larger. And, I hate to admit but I have not done the testing. I guess we just look at Aggie who is almost 9 and in perfect health, still playing like a puppy, and don't feel like there is much need. I am not familiar with Wobbers. I will have to look that one up.

Thank you for getting back to me. Loved what you shared about Ty in the mornings!

Take care,

May 17, 2005 -

"Hi Laura,

I apologize for the long delay in writing you. I wanted you to know that Ty passed his WAE on Sunday in Denton so he is now officially know as:

Davidson's Fidelis Tiberius, CGC, WAC (Ty)

He did a beautiful job on Sunday. There were 18 dogs going through - 9 passed but Ty was the only one that passed that was not training in schutshound. He had high scores and the evaluator asked me if I was training in schutshound and when I told her no she said that he is exactly what a Doberman temperament should be prior to training. The video is fun to watch and I know he could pass everything but didn't know what he would do with the aggressor. When the aggressor first came out he immediately stood front between him and myself and when the aggressor kept coming he went to the full length of the leash and had the perfect stance. And, when that didn't make the aggressor go away, he completed with the lunge and bark which made the aggressor retreat and Ty came right back to my side for the cool down and was totally relaxed. I was so proud of him. If I could have picked him up I would have carried him off of the field but just had to give him his toy to carry off instead.

I had to have knee surgery in January so we had been off obedience training from Nov. through March but am currently completing my 10 week class in Open Obedience and taking private lessons at the same time. I really wanted a better attention and heeling than I had with him so am working on that before I try for Obedience Titles. I am confident that I will be able to put a CDX on him but don't know about a UD - will have to wait and see how things go and time.

He is healthy, happy and my love. He goes everywhere with me and loves people and the attention. He doesn't always do well with other male dogs but that is getting better. He loves the girls but they have a tendency to put him in his place if he gets to friendly. I need to weigh him again. It's been 5 months and he was weighing 107 lb. I wanted to get some more weight off him but he is a big boy so I am going more on looks than the scale.

I need to send you some pictures of him, will try to send them via email. I'm just not real good with all that.

Are you still in Ohio? Haven't been able to see any information on your web site. Do you still have it?

Do any of Ty's littermates have any titles and do you know if all are still living and well? I just try to keep updated with all that and just curious.

Hope you are pleased with what you produced in my boy. I know I am. He also loves to take naps and sleep with his mommy when he can but sometimes his daddy takes his place. I wish I had gotten him at 8 weeks instead of almost 4 years of age. There is no telling what he would have accomplished as he has a big heart and so smart. He learns quickly and doesn't forget. I don't know much about his dad .. was he ever shown or have any titles? Do you know what pedigree he was out of? I'm trying to research and learn all I can because somewhere down the road my "Big Boy" is going to retire and I'll want to get another one so trying to educate myself now. Ty shares me with a 13-1/2 year old 7 lb. toy poodle female named Tootles but he would so prefer to be an only child. As spoiled or loved as he is, I will let him have that role one day when I lose my little girl but know that I will always have a dobe in my life.

Talk to you soon,

January 14, 2005 -

"Hi Laura,

Thank you for remembering Ty's birthday. He turned 5 on Jan. 3 and my toy poodle, Tootles, turned 13 years old on Jan 4. They both got a new toy and were quite happy.

Ty is doing very well. Had his annual check up on Dec. 3 and all was well except he weight in at 107 and the vet wants him to lose about 5 pounds. I really wasn't surprised with that. All in all, he is a
happy boy. He is such a love and I thoroughly enjoy him. We are still in training classes and working on our attention. He has a tendency to get side tracked so we are working extra hard on that.
Poor boy being taught by a novice, we may never make the show ring but will have a good time learning in the process.

Took him last weekend to Glen Rose for the Nolan Rivers Show, we came away empty handed but learned lots. Ty didn't like the elevator at all but sure enjoyed sleeping in the hotel bed with mom because dad wasn't able to go. He is always ready to go in the car and it doesn't matter where we are headed.

He had his picture taken with Santa at the Doberman Rescue Christmas party. Ty went as the dober angle and was so cute. He is a funny dog as he loves to dress up in outfits, we get so tickled at him.

Hope all of his littermates are well and happy too.

Thanks again,

October 18, 2004 -

"Hi Laura,

Was wondering if Aggie was from the Kimbertal Kennels out of Kimberton, PA? Noticed her registered name and just put the two together.

Ty is doing great. He has his CGC and just took him to his first show and was entered into a rally match. Trying to get him ready for January and will try to get his Rally titles first before his obedience titles. Want to train through Open at least before we do that. He is wonderful and so smart. He learns so quickly and is truly my "heart dog".

Even though I've had 3 poodles, 1 Austrian shepherd and Ty my first doberman, have loved them all dearly, he is the first that must always be with me and touching me at all times. He has a great temperament and in March is going to try for his WAE. Will let you know.

Haven't been able to see if you have another litter or not from your web site. You did a great job in breeding with Ty.

Thank you.
Tina Reddell"

July 22, 2004 -

"Hi Laura,

Don't know if you remember but I got Ti from the Davidson's in November. Just wanted you to know he got his CGC in May. I am currently training him in Rally and hope to get him titled after the first of the year in Rally when AKC starts the titling in Rally. Then we'll see how he does and if we continue further into obedience competition.

He is such a smart boy and loves to learn and learns quickly. I just love him so. He has a great disposition and loves to cuddle on the couch or on the bed. My little dogs have all been cuddlers but never before had a big dog that has to be that close. He never leaves my side when I'm at home.

Hope all is well with you.

Tina Reddell"



So good to hear from you. It sounds like you and Ti have bonded quite easily. I am sure he is just loving all the attention you are able to give him. Congratulations on the training. That is wonderful. Keep me posted on his continued progress.

Take care,

July 26, 2006 -


We have bonded well…really took me about 4 months to get him totally settled but he had had his world turned upside down 8 months before I ever got him. Have had lots of compliments on him from people who have had Dobermans for years and show them. They all ask the same question… ”Where did you get him?”

I think I enjoy all the attention he gives me. He is always by my side or sitting in the lap or laying beside me. He loves all people, literally wants to kiss everybody in the mouth. He doesn’t understand that not everybody wants his love.

Are you a registered breeder with AKC? I saw, I think, that you are going to have babies next year with, Garretts Scarlett Red? Not ready for a new baby now but down the road when I lose my 12 year old toy poodle and Ti has to retire, will be contacting you for another baby. I have been so pleased with the intelligence of this bloodline. Ti learns quickly. Show him something one to two times he has it. Normally, it’s me trying to figure out how to teach him so that he understands. I only use Positive Reinforcement. He wants to learn and do it right.

Will keep you up-to-date.

Thank you again for breeding responsibly and such good dogs.


Doberman Pinscher
February 25, 2004 -

"Good Morning Laura,

Ti is a love. The Davidson's, as you probably know, had a female Doberman named Shilo who was 6 and they had Ti who just turned 4. They loved both dearly and took good care of them. The Davidson's had a baby that just turned 1 this past weekend. The Davidson's found that the baby, Sandy, took up all their time and they were not able to spend the time with the Dobe's that they felt they deserved.

The Davidson's started looking for a home for both of their dogs. Having had both of them since they were 8 weeks old was difficult for them but they wanted goods homes for them. I had submitted an application to Doberman Rescue to adopt a Doberman since there are so many that need a good home. I had just lost my Austrian shepherd, Boomer, who was 15-1/2 years old and have a 12 year old toy poodle, Tootles. Tootles was so lonely and our house was to quite that I decided to look for another dog. I had always loved Dobermans but didn't have the time to spend with one since I was raising children and horses at that time. But, children are raised and decided I no longer wanted to breed and raise horse so off I went looking for us a new friend in a Doberman. The Davidson's used the Doberman Rescue referral page to list both of the dogs. I called them and went over to their house on Saturday to see them, I was to go to the Rescue center to pick out a dog on Sunday.

Upon meeting Ti, I fell in love. He gave me a big hug & kiss upon meeting and we began to play. I took him in the Davidson's back yard to see how we was on lead. They had done basic obedience when he was young but hadn't worked with the dogs in along time so Ti was green and I could see he had a lot of heart. I went home to think about it as The Davidson's wanted to place both dogs in the same home. I didn't feel that I could take both dogs as they both needed lots of work so told the Davidson's that I would like Ti if they couldn't find a home for both. The Davidson's decided to split the dogs and I went that night and brought Ti home. He was so excited he just jumped in the car, laid down and we went home. That was on November 22. It has been wonderful since then.

I wanted Ti to have some time to settle in our family before we started training. Right after Christmas I had a trainer come to the house and had 2 private lessons and then Ti and I started group classes. We have completed 4 weeks of group classes and he is so smart and learns quickly. I would like to get his CD and possibly go further may check into agility once he gets basics down will have to see what he enjoys the most. Ti weighted 98.8 lbs on Nov. 3, 2003 he is 30" tall, a big boy compared to most but such a baby in temperament. The Davidson's did have his ears cropped, in what my trainer calls a pet crop. He is not dominant but when with a dominant male, he will try to mix it up. My trainer says this is normal for his age and as he gets more socialized and trained that will settle down.

All of his check ups and medical records were sent to me and he is healthy. The Davidson's did neuter him when they were looking for a home for him and they never bred him.

Ti is good with Tootles and they sleep together on the couch which is the only furniture Ti is allowed on. He watches out for Tootles and tries not to step on her but she will get under his feet. He is so careful and watches to make sure she is out of the way.

We have a pool which Ti has accidentally fallen in twice now from not watching where he was going. I will how him the ropes when it gets warmer. He never goes outside around the pool alone. I don't allow that with the pool and dogs. We have a pasture behind the house that Ti loves to go run in but he is having to learn "horse manners" as the horse doesn't like to be chased so have to put her in the barn when I take him out as am afraid she'll kick him if he gets to annoying.

He is a great dog!!!!! We love him so in such a short time. He has a forever home now and will live the reminder of his life with us. My daughter who is married, an Aggie grad and in medical school, wants a Dobe now but told her she has to wait until she has more time so she'll just have to play with Ti. Our son, is a sophomore at A&M and makes regular visits home to see Ti. A mom has to do what a mom has to do to get the kids to come home to visit. Boomer was our son's and they grew up together so it was hard on him when he died but Ti has won his heart, too.

My husband who goes with the flow said he has never met a smarter and more beautiful dog than Ti. What a great job you all did when breeding Angie and Sebastian. Funny thing is I noticed Ti was the last to be taken home, so was our Boomer. Ti also belongs in our family as both of our kids were born in January, Boomer and Tootles were born in January and so was Ti, how lucky we are to have found him.

If there is anything else you would like to know about him just let me know. Thank you again for replying and producing a wonderful dog.

Tina Reddell"

Doberman Pinscher

February 25, 2004 -

"Hi Laura,

I think our emails are crossing. Just sent you a book on Ti's history as I know it but here our some pictures that were taken at Christmas with he and Tootles. I took some pictures on 2/14 when it snowed here and if they turn out will send you copies of those.

Love those Aggies....great people!!!!

Sorry you moved to Ohio would love to meet you. Was so excited to learn of Ti's past. I printed all your pictures of his parents and baby pictures to put in his memory book. I try to make a book for each of my babies that I have so am starting his. I know, kind of weird but I love my animals and they are my babies and part of our family. I haven't had many dogs...including Ti he is only the fifth and Tootles is still living. My horse is 24 and have a squirrel that I raised by bottle that is 10. I've sold all my other horses now after losing my barrel horse who was 28...kind of lost my heart on that one so am changing directions now with Ti.

Thanks again. Have changed Ti's papers into my name now. I grew up in Arlington, parents still live here, kids grew up here, daughter planning on opening her medical practice here, so should be staying.

Tina Reddell"

Doberman Pinscher

February 24, 2004 -

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Garrett,

I have a male Doberman that was born from a litter January 3, 2000 out of the Dam: Kimbertal's Lady Agatha. I traced you through Sebastian. I got him from the original owners, Brian and Allison. My boy is called Ti. I notice that you lost Sebastian in 2000. Can you give me any history on his passing? I just got Ti in November so am just trying do to some history on him.

Thank you for your time and any information you can give.

Tina Reddell"


February 25, 2004 -


I am so glad you contacted me. I would love to hear any history on how you obtained Ti. As for the passing of Sebastian, it was an unfortunate accident - he ate rat poisoning. So, there is nothing genetic with which to be concerned. It upset the owner so much that she sold all the females and the other male she had and quit breeding Dobe's.


This was the "medium-sized" male.

He was sold to Allison and Brian of Lewisville, Texas on March 11, 2000.

Chosen name: Ti (short for Tiberias)
[a Roman ruler and, of course, James T. Kirk's (Star Trek) middle name]


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