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Located in the Dallas, Texas area.
Sire: Harley

1st Scarlett Litter [Pyro born]   2nd Scarlett Litter   3rd Scarlett Litter
Doberman sire

Color: Black and Rust, Dark Brown eyes

AKC Registered: #WS02789002


Date of Birth: 02/06/2003

Weight: 81 pounds

* Excellent markings, almond-shaped eyes

* Excellent disposition and temperament

* No white Doberman's in bloodline.
* Blues in line.

Doberman sire
Doberman sire
Texas Tidalwave Harley -- "Harley"
2003 to 2007

Doberman sire

doberman sire
Sired for: Scarlett, Amber, Polly, Guen & Peppy

Champions in Bloodline:

Name: Ch. Cambria's Born To Be Wild WG469708

Name: Ch. Lothlorien's High Eleven Rune, UD, Schhl

Name: Ch. Knox's Carbon Copy, UDTSch3

Name: Ch. Tolivar's Aristotle of Azteca WB536982

Name: Ch. Tolivar's Boo Radley Dob Mann WE223649

Name: Ch. Gerent's Eldo Radley Dob Mann WP623650

Name: Ch. Elexa's Odyssey of Nordlicht WD344975

Name: Ch. Elexa Crystal Class V Fleet'WD WE908311

Name: Ch. Elexa's Odera WD418455

Name: Ch. Florowill Bit of Magic WF715021

Name: Ch. Arco Dob Mann WF111900

Name: Ch. Tolivar's Country Roads WD134009

Name: Ch. Dinah Dob Mann WE326289

Name: Ch. Domani's Royal Image WD947325

Name: Ch. Ondega's Dapper Dan WE562484

Name: Ch. Shady Acres Sadie Wd320370

Name: Ch. Sunburg Zrurik Annie Ann CDX WF184215

Name: Ch. Florowill Patch of Holli WC491570

Name: Ch. Serenade's Foxhunt WF944589

Name: Ch. Wynterwynd's Fox of Tempesta WF211718

Name: Ch. Wynterwynd's Apache Breeze CD WF172885

Name: Ch. Brimor Alleluia Anthem CD WF580060

Name: Ch. Wynterwynd's Wild Streak CD WE213930

Name: Ch. Mi Casa's Besa ME WD694307

Doberman sire      Doberman sire

Doberman sire
           Doberman sire

------------------ Harley's Puppy Pictures ------------------

-- Pictures of Harley's Father --

Tomac's Thundering Hipockets

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