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Located in the Dallas, Texas area.
Scarlett's 1st Litter Home Page

First Litter Links - Born October 2, 2005:

First Day   Tail Dock   Food Intro   1st Grass Play   1st Week  

2nd Week   3rd Week   4th Week   5th Week  

6th Week   7th Week 8th Week     Development Diary   Sire of this Litter

Below are the individual pages for this litter. [SOLD OUT]

To read letters sent in from the owners and
see pictures of the pups, click on the links below:

1st Puppy Sold: Violet
[Located in Effort, Pennsylvania]
-- Black Female, Ears cropped --

2nd Puppy Sold: Trinity
[Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada]
-- Black Female, Ears cropped --

3rd Puppy Sold: Sasha
[Located in Grand Cayman Islands]
-- Red Female, Ears cropped --

4th Puppy Sold: Ozzy
[Located in Addison, Texas]
-- Black Male, Ears cropped --

5th Puppy Sold: Raider
[Located in Oklahoma]
-- Black Male, Ears cropped --

6th Puppy Sold: Vader
[Located in Harker Heights, Texas]
-- Black Male, Ears cropped --

7th Puppy Sold: Pyro
[Located in Nacogdoches, Texas]
-- Red Male, Ears cropped --

8th Puppy Sold: Dillon
[Located in Minnesota]
-- Black Male, Ears cropped --

9th Puppy Sold: Willow
[Located in Sunrise, Florida]
-- Red Female, Ears cropped --

10th Puppy Sold: Brandi
[Located in Rockwall, Texas]
--Red Female, Ears cropped

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