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Dads for the pups you see on this site!

Males used in current breeding program:

==> NOTE:
The Garretts are currently interviewing for a stud for Blue (3 year old female; never before bred). If you have a suitable male Doberman or if you know someone who owns a nice male, please contact us a.s.a.p.!

Text: (940) 300-8429

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Below are the retired sires of pups you will see on this site. Some, sadly, are deceased at this point. The Watsons have owned males and used for breeding. The Garretts own their first male as of 2015, but he was neutered and not used for breeding. His name is Buster and can been viewed on Blue's page (future mom we will breed).

This beautiful male dobie sired litters for the Garretts' Sable and Ella, specifically Sable's 2nd, 3rd, and 4th litters and Ella's 2nd litter. All four litters produced only reds and blacks. The Garretts kept a pup from Sable's and Ella's last litters, Blue (Sable's 4th litter) and Buster (Ella's 2nd litter). Blue will be part of our breeding program. Buster was neutered thus only a family pet.
Click here to go to Elvis' Web Site owned by the Rugens
(owned by the Rugens)
Sired 4 litters for the Garretts with females Sable and Ella.
---Father of Blue (owned by the Garretts)
---Bloodline will be in Garretts' breeding program via Blue

Gentle male doberman used only for Violet's litters (both owned by the Watsons). They kept a female, Shadow, hoping to breed in the future, but have decided not to, thus the Watsons are no longer breeding at this time. Only reds and blacks were produced out of this pair.
sire blue and rust male doberman father
(owned by the Watsons)
Sire used for Violet's litters (both owned by the Watsons)
---Father of Shadow (female out of one of this pair's breeding)

Sweet natured and appropriately protective male lived with the Watsons. Pyro passed away in 2013. He sired 6 litters with females Ellie, Aires, and Violet. The Garretts obtained Ella from Ellie's 2nd litter (sired by Pyro). Pyro produced blues and blacks with Ellie; reds and blacks with the other two females.
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(owned by the Watsons)
Sired 6 litters with Watsons' females Ellie, Aires, and Violet
--- Father of Ella (owned by the Garretts)
--- Bloodline currently was in Garretts' breeding program via Ella (now retired)

Great looking, sweet natured male used to breed Scarlett's final litter in 2009.
We obtained Sable from this breeding.
Xzus owned by the Cottles -- Red Male
(owned by the Cottles)
Sired Scarlett's 4th litter (Father of Sable)
--- Bloodline is in breeding program via Blue (owned by Garretts)
---Pups out of Sable (owned by Garretts) carry his bloodline; Future mom, Blue, (Sable's daughter) is thus related
---Pups out of & Violet (owned by Watsons) carry his bloodline; no longer being bred

Beautiful male used to breed the first three litters for Scarlett (owned by the Garretts). Pyro (owned by the Watsons) was from this breeding. Harley sired the full rainbow of colors with Pat's females. The pairing of him to Scarlett only produced reds and blacks. Harley's son, Pyro, produced blues and blacks with Ellie (also owned by the Watsons).
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Texas Tidalwave Harley - "Harley"
(owned by the Georges)
Sire used for the Garretts' Scarlett (first three litters) and the Georges' females Guen, Amber, & Polly
---Father of Pyro
--- Bloodline was in breeding program via Ella (owned by Garretts) & Zeus (owned by Watsons)

Properly structured male bred to the Garretts' Aggie for her second and third litters.
We obtained Scarlett through this pairing.
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Vixen's Red October --- "Copper"
(owned by Phyllis McNaughton)
Sired Aggie's 2nd and 3rd litters
---Father of Scarlett
--- Bloodline was in breeding program via Ella (owned by Garretts) and Violet (owned by Watsons)
-- Pups out of Sable (owned by Garretts) carry his bloodline; Future mom, Blue (Sable's daughter) is thus related

This sweet male was owned by the Watsons. He sired Violet's second litter. The two were inseparable until Doc died an accidental death. It broke the hearts of the Watsons and of Violet.
sire black and rust male doberman father
Nitrous Doc Watson: Doc
(owned by the Watsons)
Sired Violet's 2nd litter
--- Bloodline not in current breeding program

First sire used by the Garretts -- Aggie's first litter.
This was a gorgeous 100 pound male owned by the Hubbartts.
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Hubbartts Sebastian Vonblitz - "Sebastian"
(owned by Hubbartts)
Sired Aggie's 1st litter
--- Bloodline not in current breeding program

Other Sires: Owned by breeders not associated with Garretts' Dobermans.
We helped with the litter placement.
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King Coran -- "Coran"
(owned by the Weavers)
Sired Maggie's 3rd litter
Click here to go to Ranger's litter's page
(owned by Vickie Blair)
Shadow's mate
Click here to go to Nevel's individual page
(owned by the Kents)
Jadzia's Mate
Note: We have not personally placed pups from other breeders
other than our family members, the Watsons, since 2008. Garretts'
Dobermans now strictly supplies pups from either ourselves,
the Garretts, OR the Watsons (family members).

We are not puppy brokers.

Pups from other sources will be handled as rescues or re-homing.
This we do actively help -- Dobermans in need of new homes.
If you are a rescue organization, please email us your contact
information. We will post on our rescue organizations page.

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