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Moms for the pups you see on this site!

Females used in current breeding program:
Click here to go to Blue's individual page
Garretts' Blukaku - "Blue"
(owned by the Garretts)
Blue was bred September 1, 2018 to Duke.
Blue is the only female we own not spayed at this point. Plans are to keep one of Blue's female pups for the continuation of our breeding program.

[Click on any respective female's picture on this page to be taken to her individual page.]

Below are our retired moms. Some, sadly, are deceased at this point. These moms are the best of the best in the eyes of Garretts Dobermans. Still living, Sable and Ella who have been unbelievable members of our family. We have four adult Dobermans of which only Blue is able to produce pups. One of the four is a neutered male, Buster. Words cannot describe the sweet, loving nature of these 4-legged family members.

Sable is the daughter of our late Scarlett. Sable retired from the breeding program after having four litters. From the last litter, the Garretts kept a red and rust female named "Blue" (shown above). Sable is still living and by far one of the favorite Dobermans we have owned (and that's saying A LOT!) Sable has attached herself to our middle child like glue adoring him with her whole heart.
Click here to go to Sable's individual page
Garretts' Red Sable - "Sable"
(owned by the Garretts)
[Retired; Living]
Mother of Violet & Blue
--- Bloodline is in breeding program via Blue (owned by Garretts)

Scarlett was the daughter of Lady Agatha, "Aggie", both owned by the Garretts. Both females had everything to do with the Garretts success and experience with the Doberman breed. Scarlett passed away November of 2013. She birthed 4 litters and from her last litter the Garretts kept a red female - Sable. Scarlett lived with the Garretts and was very much part of the family.
Click here to go to Scarlett's individual page
Garrett's Scarlett Red - "Scarlett"
(owned by the Garretts)
Mother of Sable & Pyro / Grandmother of Ella & Violet
--- Bloodline is in breeding program via Blue (owned by Garretts)

The Dobe that started it all --

Aggie was the Garretts first Doberman. She was brought into the Garretts lives in 1998. She was retired after her 3rd litter and enjoyed life as a wonderful family pet! As you will witness through pictures on the site, Aggie very much enjoyed having pups around and loved to step in and help out with them! Sadly, Aggie passed away on July 12, 2010. Her body shut down from old age. She had no existing medical disease and her heart was in excellent shape to the end. Aggie lived a long life with the Garretts and we miss her very much.
Click here to go to Aggie's individual page
Lady Agatha - "Aggie"
(owned by the Garretts)
Mother of Scarlett / Grandmother of Sable & Pyro / Great Grandma of Ella, Violet, & Blue
--- Bloodline is in breeding program via Blue (owned by Garretts)

Ella is the daughter of the late Ellie. Ella retired from the breeding program after having two litters. From her second and last litter, the Garretts kept a black and rust male named Buster (neutered, never bred). Ella is still living and well bonded to our 2-legged princess!
Click here to go to Ella's individual page
Garrett's Princess Ella Bella - "Ella"
(owned by the Garretts)
[Retired; Living]
--- Bloodline not in current breeding program

Ellie was owned by the Watsons. She birthed 4 litters; the Garretts' blue female, Ella, was out of Ellie's second litter. Ellie lived with the Watsons and enjoyed a very full life of outdoor fun as well as being spoiled with the family life.
Click here to go to Ellie's individual page
(owned by the Watsons)
Mother of Ella / Grandmother of Doc
--- Bloodline not in current breeding program

Violet was kept by the Watsons and used in the breeding program until 2014. She is from Sable's 3rd litter. Currently living, Violet thoroughly enjoys living the life of a spoiled family member and roaming the Watsons land at her own will.
red and rust female doberman
Violet Tay Watson - "Violet"
(owned by the Watsons)
[Retired; Living]

Other retired females associated with past litters
represented by Garretts' Dobermans :

Click here to go to Guen's individual page
(owned by the Georges)
RETIRED in 2006 -- "Our baby girl, Guen, is retiring. She has been a very caring mother. She has been the best mom and our best dog. I firmly believe the love of our pets is true love. I know in my heart it is." -- Pat G
Click on picture to be taken to Aires page
Aires Walls Ranch - "Aires"
(formerly owned by the Watsons)
In her best interest, Aires was retired after one litter. She was a nurturing mom, taking extra measures to keep her pups clean and well fed; a very attentive mom.

Other Females: Owned by breeders not associated with Garretts' Dobermans.
We helped with the litter placement.

Click here to go to Polly's individual page
(owned by the Swehlas)
* formerly owned by the Georges
Click here to go to Amber's individual page
(owned by the Ruthann Stovall)
* formerly owned by the Georges

Click picture to view Shadow's 2nd litter
(owned by Vickie Blair)

Click here to go to Peppy's page
(owned by the Busters)
Click here to go to Maggie's individual page
(owned by the Weavers)
Click here to go to Jadzia's page
(owned by the Kents)

Note: We have not personally placed pups from other breeders
other than our family members, the Watsons, since 2008.

Garretts' Dobermans strictly supplies pups from their own female, currently Blue.

Until 2014, the Garretts worked with our family members, the Watsons, placing pups from Dobermans they owned out of the Garretts bloodline into suitable homes.

We are not puppy brokers.

Pups from other sources will be handled as rescues or re-homing.
This we do actively help -- Dobermans in need of new homes.
If you are a rescue organization, please email us your contact
information. We will post on our rescue organizations page.

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