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Located in the Dallas, Texas area.
Red Male: Bo-dill-un
Fourth Litter Links - Born January 23, 2009:

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June 2009 ..
red and rust male, cropped ears
"Such a silly. Think Bo still remembers his shower
stall of first few weeks. He is in my shower just chilling."
June 2, 2009 -
Hi - We are on a road trip R.V.-ing with Bo. We've been gone since Weds.
You'd be proud. We are getting more comments on what a pretty
dog he is. He has been 1100 miles so far. Got until Friday yet to go.
Bo is a good dog. He's not sure about all the sensory overload, though."

June 8, 2009 -
We are going to start Bo in classes at k9 clinic by Ken White.
Hoping to possibly go as far as shutzhund. He is quite capable. --Gary

June 10, 2009 -
We are getting Bo evaluated tonight to see which direction we need to
go with him. We have done the basics. It's on to the next level,
wherever that may be. It's up to Bo-dill-unn.

June 16, 2009 -
Bo's training is going very well so far. He is getting an excellent review.
Now, all we have to do is learn German, lol, and go as far as possible. -- Gary

Awesome! So, are a lot of the commands German words?
(Showing my ignorance!) --Laura

<<>> Platz = Down / Sitz = Sit / Suk = Track / Fooz = Heel <<>>
We are going to Ken Whites Canine Camp in Mesquite for all training.
The say it's been a long time since they have seen a Doberman with this much
potential. There are mainly shephards here. Ken is known throughout the country
in Schutzhund. Bo is a natural at tracking. When the commands are given in
German, it's serious business. They light up like a bulb. You should see dogs of
this caliber work. Bo is very alert and smart.

May 2009 -
red and rust male, cropped ears
He just finished a 2 mile walk/run.
Look at those ears!

May 6, 2009 - My Buddy
red and rust male, cropped ears
Bo is weighing 35 lbs. Ears are doing great.

April 16, 2009 -
"Is all well with Bo's sis? Bo is weighing 26 lbs. yesterday at second ear
wrap. I must say, so far he is a bit nosey. He is a very calm cat. --Gary"

Pictures at New home...
red and rust male at home  red and rust male at home
March 12                                           March 14
"Check out his feet in that pic.
He's got class already! -Gary"

red and rust male at home  red and rust male at home
------ March 14 ------

red and rust male at home  red and rust male at home
------ March 27 ------

March 12, 2009 -
"Is Bo adjusting well? He of the three was the most ready to
start bonding with the human species :) --Laura"

"Yea. I kinda broke the rules last night. I let him sleep with me.
He woke me at 5 a.m. thinking my ear was the dinner bucket. I am
surprised. He didn't whine a bit. Ya'll did an excellent job. He is gonna fit in real good. Thanks a million --Gary"

"Before kids showed up, Aggie & Brindie (our Boxer) were our bed buddies.
Nothing wrong with it. I just don't recommend when kids around all
the time. You want a dobe to understand not equal to kiddos. I think when
kids out of house, we'll have dogs back in bed snuggling up! --Laura"

"I meant to ask you .. Since you are into nutrition, what's your opinion
on feeding pups eggs raw vs. cooked. We have hens so the eggs are as fresh as you get.
Do you think they gain too much too quick by the extra protein? I know everyone has
their own opinion. I would like yours on this"

"I love eggs for the protein - perfect protein source. Dogs need protein,
that's number 1 for them (not us). Giving him eggs is fine. My concern would
be raw. Since fresh as fresh gets, what does your vet say? It's the bacteria
that is the concern. Going straight from chicken to pup food seems like it
ought to be fine, but know cooked is safe!"

"I haven't asked him yet. We didn't have fresh eggs before, but I agree
on the bacteria issue. We will just serve them scrambled to be safe. Lisa
loves cooking our dogs' breakfast. You have no idea what a lap of luxury this
baby has found. And, yes, I probably have a bed partner.
Can't kick him out now. Gotta love 'em."

"That's Awesome! I can't believe I got so blessed finding owners like you -- THANK YOU!!"

March 14, 2009 -
"He's already got things figured out. Pulling on my ear at 2 a.m.
will get him to the potty. Sitting cross-legged at the frig will get
him eggs. We have officially name him 'Bo Master'."

March 17, 2009 -
"The only thing Bo is scaaared of is our 4 lb. chihuahua. We are working
on not sleeping on daddy's pillow. He wants to be as close as he can at night.
He took his first half mile romp in the pasture yesterday. He loved it.
He is doing great on house breaking. Yes, you can tell I love this boy! --Gary"

March 18, 2009 -
"Love it! Our girl is officially part of our family now. Other sis left this
afternoon. First time we have given her house rights. Taking our girl to
son's practice tonight - the fun begins! --Laura"

"Aren't they sweet at this stage? We have fell in love with ours. Lisa says
he has a hard head, LOL! It's true, all dogs go to heaven, but first they are
God sent - Thank you JESUS. --Gary"

March 20, 2009 -
"We are having his ears done on the 30th. He is doing very well, but
still a little wobbly when he plays. He'll grow out of that!"

March 23, 2009 -
Bo is 17.5 lbs today -- at vet getting shots

March 31, 2009 -
"Our Bo is funny. Lisa has about a mile track around the pasture and
lake that she walks. On the way back, he will just drop over and rest.
He is a very curious puppy!"

April 1, 2009 -
"The vet had a lot of good things to say about you today.
You must be doing something right. Bo weighs 20 lbs at 9 weeks old.
The surgery went well. He is just a borderline bleeder. We get him
back tonight. Miss him already. It's funny - when he needs to potty, he wakes
me up on the left side. When he's hungry, it's the right hand. Do you know
if the vwd has been bred out?"

RESPONSE: I have read that at least 80% of the dobe population is vwd affected.
I also read that it is very rare for dobes to have a severe case = bump into
something and bleed profusely."

"I was just curiouse. Don't get me wrong, I am very, very satisfied with the
breeding behind these pups."

Pictures at 6 weeks..
red male dobe pup

red male dobe pup

red male dobe pup

red male dobe pup

Pictures at 4 weeks old..

red male dobe pup

red male dobe pup

red male dobe pup

red male dobe pup playing outside

-- February 25, 2009 --
Gary and Lisa came out to meet our male pup
and decided to make him theirs.
red male dobe pup with new owners
(Lisa is holding boy)

red male dobe pup with new owners

red male dobe pup with new owners

red male dobe pup with new owners

Pictures taken at 3 weeks old ..

3 week old red and rust doberman male pup

3 week old red and rust doberman male pup

3 week old red and rust doberman male pup

3 week old red and rust doberman male pup

3 week old red and rust doberman male pup
Bath Time
3 week old red and rust doberman male pup

Pictures taken on February 3, 2009 ..

3 week old red and rust doberman male pup

3 week old red and rust doberman male pup

February 22, 2009 -- "Hello, This is Gary and Lisa from Blue Ridge Texas. We have just had to put our male dobie down last week and our female back in december. The place is just not the same without them. They were a very big part of our family, as you can imagine. We are taking our time in finding another, however a good breeder is not that easy to find, since we haven't looked in the past ten years. Are any of the pups you have available? If so, please let me know. Any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated."

February 24, 2009 -- "Laura, I respect the way you choose homes for your pups, trust me I know how much love we give our dogs. We have had a dobie for the last 27 years, until last week when our Bruno died from intestional blockage and our Katy had to be put down the day after Lisa's birthday. They both lived to be 10 and 11, and were a very big part of our family.

This is a perfect time for us to get started with a new puppy right now. I do know what kinda of care is required on a baby -- we have raised two wonderful boys, Garrett, imagine that name! He has just graduated from Texas A & M in College Station. Our other son, John, is in the navy. We just found out last night we are going to be grandparents in Sept. for the first time.

We enjoy camping in the RV and going to the lake. We live on a acre yard surrounded by another 160 acres with a 18 acre lake in our back yard. I hope this has helped you. I, as well, am being careful from where we get back in the Doberman biz, as we will eventionaly be looking for a breedable female, but first thing first. I do look forward to talking with you. --Gary d"

February 24, 2009 -- "Laura, It was good talking with you. I can tell by the way you talk that you care and try to place puppies in the best possible home. I didn't even ask about the bloodline on these dogs. I feel ya'll have done your homework having children yourself -- You are careful what kind of dog is around them. We are looking forward to coming out and seeing the pup. We are EXCITED about a new baby -- Gary d"

February 25, 2009 -- "Hello, Laura and Todd - Thank you guys. I must say seeing those kids huddled aroud those pups was all I needed to see to be satisfied with the kind of dog we were looking for. That is the way it's done. I feel that imprinting the puppies with children in the begininng makes the dog in the end and there's a very good chance he will be exposed to kids in the future. I really can't tell that one puppy is better than the other because all they really do for the first few months is eat, sleep, and pooooop, but I am very grateful that we got the pick of the litter on the male side! I think we have already picked a name, "Bo". The jury is still out on that, maybe, "Bo Dillion" as well. We will know when we get him in the pack. I can't stay away from the pictures on the site. I am looking forward to the obedience training part. That's a passion of mine. Once again, many thanks, and can't wait to take him home. --Lisa and Gary"

February 25, 2009 -
"It's starting to get fun now. Looks like Lisa and I are going to have to do rock-paper-scissors over who he 'belongs' to! I will have to say our Katy set a very High bar. We have had a lot of dogs, but I must say she was the smartest of them all. --Gary"

"I have no doubt this boy is going to live a happy life! You've put me in the best mood! Thank you - Laura"

February 26, 2009 -
"I peeked at Aggie's pedigree. She is very well bred. To ice the cake, she was whelped on my son's birthday. Imagine that. We were meant to find this puppy.

The reason I didn't hold the puppy a lot yesterday is I can't even compete with the lap they were in. Lisa loves her dogs. Matter of fact, she spends more on her puppy clothes than she does on shirts for me - LOL! -- Gary"

February 27, 2009 -
"How's my Bo this morning?"

RESPONSE: He is doing great! I will be starting on food soon. Scarlet is letting me know she is done. She wants to play with them now, not be attacked for a meal! Pups are playing really cute. Everyday they get more confident. --Laura"

February 27, 2009 -
"What I am looking forward to is retiring from this post office. Would like to get some good dobies to raise and maybe breed. We will be looking for a female, in due time. I will say you have done your homework. I give you guys a 4.0 on that. My goal is to have three - 2 females and a male. --Gary"

March 3, 2009 -
"Bo is doing great! Kids spoiled pups today. He is a very confident pup! He's in an important phase. I am not breaking our girl away from litter at this point either. They need this phase and all are getting same treatment :) --Laura"

"I am so grateful. There's plenty of hands on this. Three pups, three kids - imagine that! Just don't rush. Ya'll take your time. But, you know this. Thanks again --Gary"

March 6, 2009 -
"Oh boy - Believe me, you want him to work things out this last week here. They were playing REALLY rough a few days ago. They are getting better. It's amazing to see all the puppy craziness work itself out!

FYI: He's doing great with real food. I don't have to soften anymore --Laura"

"I know. Let the process work it's way through. Mother Nature doesn't make mistakes, but we do. --Gary"

March 9, 2009 -
"Great pics. That's a pretty boy, I must say! He is growing and getting the right kind of care. He should be a good one. Thanks -Gary"

Q: What food has Bo been on?
A: Eukanuba puppy for large breed

March 10, 2009 -
"I have quit looking at the calendar .. now watching the clock. We are going to make it. How are they doing? Is the pack ready to be split and can you tell the alpha yet? --Gary"

"I know it's a long wait .. longest will be next 24 hr! They are ready to go. I'm comfortable with them splitting. Alpha is hard to say. Your boy's strength definitely helps him get his way! --Laura"

"That's good news. I don't really like to pick the alpha. Kind of like to stay in the middle with that. I feel the wait will be well worth it. We fell he will fit into our future program very well. --Gary"

Gary with past Dobe

doberman exploring
doberman exploring

FYI: We do love our animals. We have a pet cemetary under our favorite tree. We are committed that's for sure! Lisa & I met in 1982 as total strangers because of Dobermans!

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