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BREEDER: The Kents
[All SOLD]
A Special Note From Darlene
(regarding the pups they currently have available):

"All of our pups are AKC registered. We have four females available that are 5 months old (born 2/10/2006). Three are black/rust females with natural ears. These five girls are from a litter of 12!

Honestly, any of our girls would be wonderful with a child and any pets. We do not have any children at home, but our nieces and nephews come over all of the time to help take care of them. We also, have our parent Dobies, a Sheltie, two Pomeranians and 3 cats. They all get along very well.

The girls have mainly, been raised in the house; however, we do have an outdoor dog run where they spend their exercise time. They are house broke, kennel trained and we are currently working on the leash training.

They are all, very intelligent and affectionate, although not overly so. By this, I mean they are not always jumping up or constantly trying to lick you in the face. They do like to give little kisses and they demand the love.

These girls are very alert and aware of their surroundings. We live in an older suburban area with a lot of seniors and not a lot of traffic. There are lots of other dogs in the neighborhood but these girls only bark when there is something very unfamiliar."

Next two pictures of the parents of this litter:
Doberman Pinscher parents
(Pedigree copies for both parents at bottom of this page.)

Sire: Nevel (red) - about 90 pounds; born June 15, 2004
Dam: Jadzia (black) - about 70 pounds; born January 7, 2004

Female #1: Eve
Doberman pup

Doberman puppy



Doberman puppy

"Now let me introduce you to Eve. She was born #10 of 12, and along with the previous traits, she is the most agressive, towards her other littermates, meaning, that if she wants to play and no one will play, she will pick out one or more and bark and taunt them, non-stop until they get up and start playing with her. Another thing with her, she has to be in the crate by herself. We have oversized crate cages that we put them in at night. They are so large that we can double them up. This actually helps with the training because they get more comfortable faster with a littermate. Thus, the transition to a single kennel is smoother. However, with Eve, we are unable to do this. She always wants to show dominance in a double cage. However, she is not this way when they are playing in the house or the yard."

Female #2: Ezri
doberman puppy

doberman puppie



"This is Ezri, she is the alpha female of the litter and she was born #6 of 12.

As well as, having the traits mentioned above for Eve, Ezri is very active and out going. She enjoys playing with my pomeranians and has become, somewhat of a bed dog. We are breaking her from it, because it was not intentional. This is just something she decided was for her. She stays down well enough when you get her down .. but she has to try everytime she gets in the bedroom.

She does very well with chew sticks and we have not had any problems with her chewing on shoes, clothes or furniture.

When she first sees you she likes to jump up and run off and then try to do it again. We are also working on breaking her of this jumping."

Female #3: Honey
doberman puppy

doberman puppie



"This is Honey. She was born #4 of 12. For some reason, she demands the attention. She will walk up beside you and just suddenly start pressing her body into your legs so you will love on her.

She has proved to be very, very smart and picks up on her training, quicker than her littermates."

Female #4: Jenna
doberman puppy

doberman puppie


"This is Jena, born #8 of 12. She was the first one of the pups to bark. The pups were still in their welping box .. we had been out. When we returned, it was already dark. When I walked into the room, before she even saw me, the noise got her attention and she just barked."

Female #5: Petunia
doberman puppy

doberman puppie



"This is Petunia, born #7 of 12. She is somewhat shy.

She was the runt of the litter, and so she was wrestled down more that the others. She likes to lay under my chair when I'm sitting down. I think she just learned to protect her backside. Petunia, in my opinion, would be perfect to grow up with the smallest of children and/or small pets. She is also very sweet when she walks up and lays her head in your lap."

Pedigrees for the Parents of this Litter:

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