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Thanks for stopping by Garretts' Dobermans! After landing on The Garretts' Dobermans site, you might find yourself loving to waste time browsing as it is packed full of cute puppy pictures for you to enjoy while observing how we love and care for puppies, plus helpful, informative valuable text to the novice pet owner as well as the experienced. The best way to start finding pics is by visiting the Site Map . We occasionally have pups, but because we own Dobermans as family companions, this is not our primary objective for owning this breed. Simply put, we LOVE them and occasionally have a litter for the enjoyment of loving on pups. Keep in mind, we've done this since January 2000, so we are experienced, just not full-time breeders. The below list shows the contents found on this page. You may scroll past it to view all the information provided or click on a topic of interest.

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About This Site

The "Garretts" consists of Todd & Laura Garrett, a.k.a. the human parents, Brennan, Taylor, Dylan, and Dylan's new wife, Abi. In 1998, we welcomed our first Doberman, Aggie, into our family when Dylan was six months old. Laura honestly thought Todd was crazy as it was his idea, but in a short amount of time, Laura was hooked solely on Dobermans! The rest is, well, history. We've had Dobermans in our lives since back in 1998.

As breeders, we focus on raising Dobermans in a loving family environment. Pups brought up in a family setting from day 1 make better pets rather family members. Our primary concern is raising dogs who have received plenty of love, ready to be a solid part of your family. We are very hands-on with the pups. The Garrett "kids," or now young adults, have always been heavily involved in the socializing and caring of the pups. Please allow time to browse through the pages within this site. You will likely learn something about the breed, but you will definitely smile.

Black rust female doberman with her red rust daughter dobie
Our beloved and missed girls, Aggie (black/rust) and
Scarlett (red/rust; Aggie's daughter) -
Aggie got us hooked on Dobes!

The picture above shows our first two Dobermans, Aggie & her daughter, Scarlett. We have always kept a female out of the last litter of the preceding female ever since we owned Aggie. You will see the succession below in "Our Story". The site and our breeding practices all began with Aggie. Her wonderful nature with our children inspired us to educate people on Dobermans as well as produce awesome four legged family members. We hope you learn from the site and what owners share within it via letters posted.

Grandma doberman with 5 week Doberman puppy
Aggie with her grand-pup from Scarlett's 1st litter (2005)

Again, one of the main reasons this site was built is to help educate future owners and entertain through the pictures and videos we share. At present, the site is "under construction." There are over 500 pages which makes it hard to navigate fully. The goal is to consolidate pages and create featured pages to ensure you get all the best of what we have shared through the years. So, please keep in mind some of the inconsistencies in the site's look. We are working on it! Check in every so often so you may view our progress.

Our Story

As described above, the Garretts' first Doberman was a well-mannered black & rust female named Aggie. Aggie taught us the beauty and nature of the Doberman breed. She passed away in July 2010 from old age. Aggie is the reason for this site and why we have continued with this wonderful breed promoting them as the best family dogs you could ever own!

child with doberman and boxer best buddies
As young Dylan demonstrated in this picture, Aggie often let the boys hang on to her. Also pictured, Boxer named Brindie, who loved having pups around. We nicknamed Brindie "the nanny" when pups were around as she loved being around them so much.

From Aggie's final litter before retiring to pet status, we kept Scarlett, affectionately nicknamed "Smiley." Scarlett was always patient with our human kids. She grew up around all three Garrett kids when they were very young. Not once did she seem bothered by anything, not even what the toddler stage threw at her. As you can see in this picture, Scarlett had a natural smile reflective of her sweet nature. She was the first to be "claimed" by one of the Garrett kids. Dylan was five years old at the time of Scarlett's birth. He helped pick which girl we kept out of the litter and also assisted in naming Scarlett. Scarlett passed away in November 2013.

red rust female doberman mother outside with her dobie puppies
Scarlett our "smiley" Doberman with her pups in 2005

Our third Doberman, Sable, was out of Scarlett's last litter, born in January 2009. Sable was our most well-rounded Doberman -- appropriately protective, super affectionate with her primary owner, Brennan, while lovable to the rest of the family, and the dominant leader of our "pack" in a gentle yet commanding way. Our other Dobermans at the time gave her full respect, leading to her nickname "Top Dog. Sable and Brennan had a very strong connection. Her passing in 2019 was tough.

teenage boy with his best friend red rust doberman female named Sable
Brennan with his best friend, Sable (2018)

In 2009, a blue & rust female from a litter produced by some of our close family members joined us and became Taylor's buddy. We gave the family a pup (named Pyro) from Scarlett's 1st litter in 2005. They later obtained a female. The pair was bred a few times, and we helped find suitable homes. Taylor named this blue girl Ella. Ella quickly bonded with our daughter. Ella was very smart and a little strong-willed, which sometimes got her in trouble .. opened doors, very rare but she did help herself to food on the counter a couple of times, LOL! Nonetheless, with our daughter, she was very lovable and sweet. Ella passed away in 2019.

young girl with her pal a blue rust female doberman named Ella
Taylor with her lovable pal, Ella

In 2014, Sable had her 3rd and final litter, so we kept a female pup. Since Scarlett had passed away in 2013, Dylan needed another canine companion. Dylan picked the smaller of the two females from that litter naming her Blue after his favorite childhood character from Blue's Clues. Our Blue's personality had the most unique of our personal kept Dobermans until Zoey came along (see below). Blue was super high energy but calmed down when we desired her to chill. Blue was attentive to every owner in the family and desperately sought to please us. When Dylan went off to college, Blue bonded fairly equally with the rest of the family members but seemed to miss him, which presented with some behavior issues. When Dylan was home to visit, Blue could hardly contain her excitement! In May 2020, Dylan graduated. In August 2020, Dylan married Abi. Towards the end of the year, they felt settled in as newlyweds. The new Garrett couple then welcomed Blue into their home. Blue was an incredibly happy girl at that point! Sadly, Blue passed at the end of 2022.

teenage boy with red rust doberman puppies weeks old
Dylan with Blue as a puppy

red rust female doberman with her owner
Dylan in 2021 with Blue

young Garrett with their canine babies Roscoe a Schnauzer and Blue a red rust female Doberman
Dylan & Blue with his wife, Abi & her buddy, Roscoe

Blue whelped one litter. That was in 2018. Our plan at the time was to add one female to our pack. We knew Sable was not going to be with us much longer. Brennan's heart was about to be broken. Keeping a pup effectively helped soften the blow when that dreaded time finally arrived. Brennan's chosen pup was the biggest of the three females. Brennan snatched her up on day 1 of birth. He knew immediately which one was going to be his pal. Brennan named her Grace.

Grace's bond with Brennan is powerful. She adores him! And, crazy enough, Grace possesses many of the same great qualities as Sable regarding loyalty, protection, beauty, and, yes, gracefulness. Grace had her 1st litter in November 2022. Her next litter will be spring of 2024!

red rust female doberman in the loving arms of her owner
Grace held by Brennan like still a puppy (2021)
Shhhh...She doesn't know this isn't normal!

red rust female doberman in the loving arms of her owner
No words! Picture says it all!

red rust female doberman
Grace is our current female used for breeding.
Her first litter was in 2022.
Her second and last litter will be in 2024.
(Picture taken April 2023)

As mentioned in Grace's description, we planned to keep one female from Blue's 2018 litter. Plans sometimes go differently than you think. One female's personality stood out from the rest of the pups as one of the most unique little ones we've ever produced. How to describe her? Let's start with needy! And goofy! Laura was very open in the selling attempts that this pup needed the right home with an understanding owner, and then the heartstrings got in the way. The young adult Garretts and Laura pleaded their case to Todd to keep this special pup ...and won!

At the time, Fortnight was huge. The young Garretts played together, favoring a character named Zoey. Well, that name translated over to our second pup from Blue. To this day, Zoey is her special self. Unique in every way imaginable. As a very young pup, she was needier, mouthier, and plain goofy. Today that hasn't changed one bit. She's become one of our Instagram and YouTube stars, as her goofiness offers us such great content! Note: Zoey will not be used in the breeding program.

red rust female doberman sisters
Zoey (left) and Grace (right) - December 2020
Full blood sisters, but fully unique in their own individual ways

red rust female doberman and teenage daughter holding big pup
Teenage Taylor holding Zoey (2019)
Zoey also doesn't know this is not normal!

Just one of many videos to come of Zoey
(Buster shows up at end -- see below on Buster)

In 2015, we kept a male named Buster out of Ella's last litter. Buster was neutered when of age to do so. He was strictly our daughter's best buddy, never used as a stud. Buster was one of the most gentle-natured Dobermans we had ever owned. Quite honestly, the most well-behaved Doberman we ever owned, from pup to adult. Buster was always a human pleaser, and the bond between him and Taylor was incredibly tight. He watched her every move seeking to be in her presence. An adorable relationship that they shared.

large black rust male doberman in the loving arms of his teenage owner
No Senior Photo Shoot is complete
without a picture with your best pal (2022)

large black rust male doberman in the loving arms of his teenage owner
Buster in his happy place...Taylor's arms
(holding onto her 120 lb boy!)
- May 2021 -

large black rust male doberman in the loving arms of his teenage owner
December 2019

With Buster's passing, Taylor's designated buddy is now Zoey. Zoey and Taylor have always shared a special bond. With Blue's litter, Taylor pushed us the hardest to keep Zoey. Jokingly, we say Taylor is the only one able to interpret "Zoey." Taylor has a fun, vibrant personality, so the pair match up quite well.

Red rust female doberman with her human buddy
Zoey snuggled up to her favorite human, Taylor

Don't judge the teenager holding her phone -
Taylor is probably posting an Instagram reel -
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Last but not least, from Grace's first litter in 2022, Ozzy joined the Garrett clan to live with Dylan, his wife, Abi, and their little one, Roscoe. The timing of Grace's litter overlapped Blue's passing. God intervened in a way we did not expect, especially since we tried and failed to have a little the cycle before this litter's arrival. Ozzy has helped mend the broken hearts of the young Garrett household.

Black rust male doberman puppy with new owners
Dylan, Abi, Roscoe & new puppy, Ozzy
- November 2022 -

Black rust male doberman puppy with red rust female mother doberman
Grace with Ozzy (mother and son)
- February 2023 -

We'd like to encourage you to spend time surfing this site. More specifically, spend time reading letters sent in from owners of pups from our previous litters. The temperaments of our Dobermans are exceptional. We spend a lot of time handling them as pups. You will witness the thousands of pictures throughout the site. If you have questions that are not answered on this site or want to contact us personally, you can

Text message:


or E-mail us at: garrettdobies@gmail.com

black rust doberman puppy helping computer work

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are puppies released to go into homes?

A: When the pups are 8 weeks old, placement of the pups begins. Owners may pick up their pup from the litter's home site. The pup may also be shipped to major airports.

Q: When may I first visit the pups?

A: We allow potential owners to visit the pups at any time they wish, around 3-4 weeks, asking that you bring another dog to meet the puppy at 7 weeks old.

Q: Once the Doberman puppy is home with newly cropped ears, what's involved with the aftercare?

A: Cropped ears require TLC. You will be tending to the ears for a couple of weeks during the healing stage and more long-term while training the ears to stand. This takes months. The duration of time depends on the length the ear was cropped (shorter crop/less time, longer crop/more time), the cartilage of the ear (dependent on individual pup), and how much of the base was left intact. We do not recommend show cropped ears that are long and the base is more trimmed = less support. Most all the Dobermans on this site have a medium to medium-long pet crop. This is what we recommend. For help on how to wrap and care for the ears after your puppy goes home, here's a video we've posted on our old YouTube channel:

Q: Do you have a testimonial page or referral letters?

A: In fact, we do. The link will be shared directly after this short answer. We have so many more testimonials than we have posted on this page. Owners write in all the time. We have been negligent in getting them all on the site. Our owners become a community with us. No one can appreciate their Doberman stories like us! So, always share your special Dobie moments. We love reading about how life is now with a Doberman in it!

Garrett Doberman Owner Testimonials and Letters of Referrals --- CLICK HERE to view page (opens new browser page)

Q: What food do you recommend?

A: We are not stuck on any particular brand of dog food. Brands we have fed our Dobermans include Diamond Naturals, Nature's Recipe, Blue Diamond, and Fromm's, among other trusted brands. Please don't feed your Doberman grain-free food. Research now shows a canine diet lacking in grains can cause cardiomyopathy even in breeds that historically have not had a problem with this disease. We have our parents genetically tested for cardiomyopathy. However, there is a strong link between grain-free diets and cardiomyopathy. Pet store shelves are full of grain-free formulas. BE AWARE of this and READ LABELS!!

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located north of Dallas, Texas.

Q: How much do you charge?

A: Pricing and all potential fees, including deposit info, is explained in detail on our Pricing page:
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Garretts' Dobermans does not claim to have show quality Dobermans.
Most of our Dobes are too large at adult age to even be considered.
We breed for TEMPERAMENT. Our focus lies primarily in providing
a dog that is trustworthy around young children ..
while still maintaining the protector instinct.

No other claims are made by us regarding our Dobermans.

How much do you trust your Doberman around your child?

Garrett child with Pat George Dobes

For those of you who own a Doberman and have children or close relatives that are around often enough to test your canine friend, please participate in this forum discussion regarding how much you trust your four-legged partner around pint-sized people.

Note: This Forum is set up as a Guestbook. It is open for you to share incredible stories about Dobermans interacting with children!

To add your story, click on "Sign Guestbook."

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crate full of red rust and black rust doberman puppies

Buyers BEWARE:
Do NOT ATTEMPT to buy pups from the classified ad site: www.OLX.com

I was alerted to search for misuse of my photos after someone reported driving several hours to pick up an older Doberman (sold using pictures of my site), only to find out there was no Doberman. I have tried asking OLX to remove ads falsely using my photos, but they claim without a watermark, they cannot. COPYRIGHTS protect me!

OLX's response (which I have received several times on various ads I requested be removed) is an alarming reason not to remove ads. Sites like YouTube (which removed two pictures of mine used by someone else) are reputable and follow copyright rules. I would not trust any seller off OLX's site! There are plenty of reputable sites to search: NextDayPets.com, PuppyFind.com, and QualityDog.com (to name a few).

From my recent experience with trying to get ads removed using my photos to sell pups, I recommend staying away from ALL classified sites not explicitly focused on selling dogs. It is now apparent to me that OLX is simply interested in having ad listings (free or not) and does not care if the advertiser is misrepresenting. Last bit of advice, contact the advertising company/site and ask how they protect you, the buyer...how can you rest assured the advertiser actually owns the dog(s)/pup(s) displayed in the ad.

For those curious about how to search for misuse of photos online, go to Google Images:

A search box is displayed that has a Camera icon. Click on the camera icon. You can paste the photo URL in question OR upload a picture; click "Search By Image." The search will list any site using that photo. Convenient tool Google has made available. I have found several pics owned by me via Google's Image Search. The most abused/misused pic I own is at the top of this page of Aggie and Scarlett. Beware!


Garretts' Dobermans does not claim to have show quality Dobermans.
Most of our Dobes are too large at adult age to even be considered.
We breed for TEMPERAMENT. Our focus lies primarily in providing
a dog that is trustworthy around young children ..
while still maintaining the protector instinct.

No other claims are made by us regarding our Dobermans.

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