Scarlett's Red Pyro

Red & Rust Male out of Scarlett's 1st Litter
(October 2, 2005 - August 2014)
Owned by The Watsons

red rust adult male doberman
2005 - August 2014

October 3, 2006 -

"Pyro says thanks too for remembering his birthday...he got all teary when we sang happy birthday. He was touched we remembered! Tell all the family hi, that includes the dogs! We are sending you all the hugs and kisses we can fit in an e-mail! I hope to see ya'll soon!

Love ya Bunches!
Jacy and Shelby!

PS: Pyro says to kiss Scarlett for him, he knows his mother worries. He also said to tell her he hopes to be home for Christmas!"

May 16, 2006 -

"Long time! How are y'all? We are great -PYRO is STILL GREAT! You are SOOOOOO right about their temperament - he is unbelieveably sweet and even tempered. He is our big beautiful RED PYRO! We ALL love him soo much! Thanks forever for him!

Later - love, Deb"

March 10, 2006 -

"Pyro is sooo big and Danny has been working with him a lot. They have really bonded. He still loves his mommy but he has decided Dad is pretty cool, too! Danny takes him to his shop and works and plays with him and then they go for long walks, Pyro loves it! AND...he still sleeps with us, it is so cute he cuddles up right between us and has to be touching both of us, which isn't hard as big as he is. ANYWAY...hollar - Deb"

February 20, 2006 -

"Dear Laura,

Just a short note...

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Pyro at 4-1/2 months old is a whoppin' 55 pounds! He is beautiful, healthy, smart and a joy to us all! We really love him. He truly knows what I am saying when I talk to him, which I do often because he doesn't argue, whine or talk back :)! Hope you all are fine, we are all doing well! Gotta go - Love, Deb"

December 1, 2005 -
"Hey Laura,

Hope all is well with y'all! We are still doing great with Pyro.

Just had to write about last night. I went to take a bath and the kids were playing with Pyro. Well...Jacy said he started whining and jumped off the couch, she figured he wanted water or food so she followed him. He went to every room in the house and she said he would look in and bark then go to the next room. She said he did that to every room in the house until he got to my "closed" door, he started scratching at the door so she let him in he searched the closed and the whole room until he figured out where I was. He got so excited then after some loving from me, he laid down and went to sleep! HA HAAAAH - I knew he would be MINE! :)!! I truly understand the term "velcro" dog now!

Oh, we went to vet yesterday, clean bill of health - no worms, he weighed in at 13.5 lbs at 8 1/2 weeks. We scheduled the ear cropping for Dec. 20th and started heart worm prevention and flea drops.

MY BOY is doing GREAT!!!! He still shows off his "COME" and "SIT" commands! I love having a "smart" dog. More later - love y'all, Deb"


"I have to make this short but am so happy to hear how well everything is going. That is SOO.. cute! Boy, has he attached to you! That is awesome! Hope the kids aren't Jealous - ha!"

November 23, 2005 -
"Thanks so much for the puppy! We all love him so moocho much! I had so much fun with you last weekend. I saw the fawn puppy you have in the new litter! He is precious. We love you guys lots! Jacy"



We enjoyed our visit, too! We love getting together with you all. And, you are welcome! I love to hear how happy you are with that pup. The fawn is a neat color. --Laura"

red rust male doberman puppy with new family

red rust male doberman puppy with children
Our son sits proud next to his cousin as he holds his favorite pup .. It is good for him that this pup went to family!

-- November 19, 2005 --

red rust male doberman puppy with owner
Debbie holds Pyro ..

She was able to keep our "delivery" a secret from her three kids all week. It was hard to do as she was VERY excited!

November 19, 2005 - The kids are loaded .. we are on our way to deliver a big surprise to some family members! Violet went along for the ride as they wanted to meet her and she was able to keep Pyro company when he had to be in the crate.

November 15, 2005 -

"Hey Laura,

Just come to my house Saturday. Nobody knows except me, Danny and Mom - I don't think she has even told Dad! will be a very exciting day at our House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

Soon, Deb"

November 16, 2005 -
"I am about to bust with this wonderful secret!!!!!!! Deb"

"I can't wait to surprise the kids! Enjoying the excitement of your children when we walk in with Pyro is going to be too much fun. Can't wait! Later!"


"Laura - This is all just too fun! I will have my cell phone in my pocket Saturday so it will be fine to call. None of the kids have any idea! Bonner pouts everytime he looks at Pyro's picture on my computer background and whines how he just CAN'T wait until the is just toooo lonnnnggggg!!! and then Jacy chimes in with CAN'T you talk Laura into a sooner're killing me here mom! Then Shelby with WHENEVER we get him all I know is he is sleeping with me - that is after Mom potty trains him and he sleeps all night! RIGHT - Like I'm gonna let that happen - NOT! Anyway - WILL BE FUN - the Puppy Surprise AND the VISIT! SEE YOU SOON!!! - Love, Deb"

6 weeks old

5 weeks old

Note the feet! Biggest pup in the litter.

November 12, 2005 -

"Hey Laura!

Kids and I have been surfing your website - congrats on 1st place for "Cool Dog Site of the Day" award! You and your website definitely deserve it, GREAT WEBSITE and GREAT BREEDER!!!!! All the updated pictures are so great! I can tell we are not alone on being "anxious to be owners". We read all the letters from your upcoming owners and it sounds like everybody is about to go crazy to start loving on your pups!!! That says a lot about you and your "dog family". We all just love Pyro's new pictures, the ones with Brennan are too precious, I hope he will be alright when Pyro comes to live with us! Maybe we can all get together more often now with the excuse that "Brennan can come see Pyro"! The picture of Robin, Cinderella and Lord Vader is awesome. Dylan is the perfect Vader, Brennan's expression as Robin is priceless and Taylor, oh my gosh, she is the prettiest Cinderella I have ever seen.

Well, I can tell you and your computer keypad have become attached at the fingertips, between updating your website and keeping up with all the emails from "irratating, impatient, to-be owners". Hope all is well with you all and will talk to you again soon. Love, Deb"

There is a bond that has been formed between these two. Luckily, this pup is going to family members!

November 6, 2005 -

This pup has caught the hearts of a family in Nacogdoches, Texas. A name was already chosen! He is now known as Pyro.


The red male is Brennan's favorite. He gets tons of attention from him. He plays with all the pups, but that one he just dotes over! He is the largest in the litter and really laid back. However, he is not so laid back that he doesn't like to play. I have even heard him growl a time or two (that is really funny at this age)!"



We have been hoping for the Red Male - PYRO. There is just something about his pictures that we all have just loved! Bonner is the one who picked the name PYRO (bet that was hard to figure out) and he has been hoping, LOUDLY, that we get Pyro!

I think it is so cool that the red male is Brennan's favorite, now he can come visit Pyro and Jacy (and us)!!!!!!!

Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


red rust male doberman puppy at 4wk
4 weeks old

November 7, 2005 -
"Hey Laura,
I have been trying to figure out a good time to come up there. Saturday November 12th when Pyro is 6 weeks old or Saturday December 3rd when he is 9 weeks old are the only dates I can come up there. We are anxious to get him but I want to do whatever will work best for you and Pyro!

I know you said it would be better to get him at 7 or 8 weeks so...would 6 weeks be too early or do we "have" / need to wait until he is 9 weeks. Your neices and nephew are driving me crazy...I can't blame the excitement all on them because I am just as bad, maybe worse!

Anyway, we will do whatever you tell us to do! Love, deb"


November 11, 2005 -
Thanks for letting me know your schedule. Honestly, I don't know that it would be a good idea to let him go as early as this weekend. Since you want him to be an inside dog, then you want to make sure everything is done "properly" so his behavior is the best it can be! In a training book, I read it is best to take a pup home no sooner than 7 weeks and no later than 13 weeks. And, he is due for his 1st shots at 6 weeks.

I have started initiating the thought process with Brennan that the pups will be leaving and that Pyro is going to Bonner's family. He is okay with that right now -- as he is hugging him and carrying him around. This is the first time one of them has attached to a pup so closely. I am so glad he is going to you!! I take that back, last time Dylan did with Scarlett - and I pushed to keep her! It was a big push to get Todd to agree. But, my argument at the time was 1) it was the first time we had any red females and that is something he wanted, and 2) it was to be Aggie's last litter - had to keep one of her babies!

Anyway, guess we will see you on the 3rd! Oh, of all the names, Dylan loves Pyro the best. He thinks it's a cool name."

Take care!

red rust 4 week old male doberman puppy

Food on his nose after his first experience with eating dog food.

3 weeks old

red rust male doberman puppy at 1 week old
1 week old

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