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Texas Tidalwave Harley

Links to Harley's puppies:

1st Scarlett Litter [Pyro born]   2nd Scarlett Litter   3rd Scarlett Litter

Doberman sire

Sired litters for:
Scarlett, Amber, Polly, Guen & Peppy

Color: Black and Rust, Dark Brown eyes

AKC Registered


Date of Birth: 02/06/2003

Weight: 81 pounds

Excellent markings, almond-shaped eyes

Excellent disposition and temperament

No white Doberman's in bloodline

"Rainbow" of colors in line

Doberman sire

Doberman sire

Doberman sire

doberman sire

Doberman sire

Doberman sire

Doberman sire

Doberman sire

--- Harley's Puppy Pictures ---

-- Pictures of Harley's Father --

Tomac's Thundering Hipockets

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