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Scarlett's 2nd Litter Home Page

Second Litter Links - Born April 1, 2006:

Litter's Home Page    First Day   Tail Dock   Food Intro   1st Grass Play   1st Week  
2nd Week   3rd Week   4th Week   5th Week   6th Week

  7th Week    8th Week     Development Diary   Sire of this Litter

[SOLD OUT] Below are links to each pup's individual page (8 pups). Pups are identified individually allowing eager owners to watch their pups' as they grow ... and later update us. Pictures and letters sent in by owners are posted on the respective pup's page.

1st Puppy Sold: Emma or "Emmie"
[Located in McKinney, Texas with Kelley]
-- Red Female, Ears cropped --

2nd Puppy Sold: Betty
[Located in Dallas, Texas with Craig & family]
-- Red Female, Ears not cropped --

3rd Puppy Sold: Reb
[Located in Texas with David & family]
-- Black Male, Ears cropped --

4th Puppy Sold: Romeo
[Located in Austin, Texas with Richard, Teresa and their children]
--Red Male, Ears cropped --

5th Puppy Sold: Cleo
[Located in Lewisville, Texas with Jay & family]
-- Black Female --

6th Puppy: Carmie
[Located in Hardwick, Vermont with Susan]
-- Black Female, Ears cropped --

7th Puppy Sold: Kindle
[Located in California with Cody]
-- Red Male, Ears cropped --

8th Puppy Sold: Athena
[Located in Quartz Hill, California with Terilynn and family]
-- Black Female, Ears cropped --

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