Carmen the Doberman
Black & Rust Female Doberman out of Scarlett's 2nd Litter
(Born April 1, 2006)

Carmie went to live in Hardwick, Vermont with Susan & family.

June 7, 2006 -

"Hi Laura,
Carmie is doing great. She brings such laughter to my soul. Unfortunately, Sheba hasn't been too impressed with this hyper little one. :-) Hopefully she will learn to "mother" Carmie.

Carmie has been doing good with house training (potty) so far. Maybe one accident in the house a day, but she's learning. It seems to be when I'm not watching and then I find it. I do not scold her because I didn't "catch her in the act".

She seems to like to go for rides. I was worried the plane ride might traumatize her, but she seemed to enjoy it. I've taken her to my sisters who has a big, male black lab, Jasper. He plays with her, gently. So, she does get to socialize with another dog and gets to meet new people.

She knows her name. I call her when we are outside and she will come running to me.
She does seem to be skiddish with the noise of traffic (motorcyles, loud mufflers and such).

So, all in all things are good. It was nice to see "Rose" Athena found a home. She has such a pretty, feminine face. Need to go for now. I will try to get some pictures to you and send you more updates.

Thank you so much, Laura, for helping raise such a beautiful girl. I get so many complements on how gorgeous she is! :-)
Take care.




Thanks so much for updating me. Sounds like everything is going great! It brings peace to me when I get to hear how well things are going once the pups are in their new homes. So, I really do appreciate you emailing me!!

I will look forward to receiving the pictures in the future!

Best wishes,

May 29, 2006 -

"Good Morning Laura. It is around 6 a.m. (my time) and I am almost ready to head to Boston. I am so excited. ( like a little kid on Christmas morning :-) )

I will email or call you when I return home.
Hope everything is going well.


>> Susan and I talked on the phone after she picked up Carmie from the airport. Susan said Carmie had no accidents .. went poop out on the parking lot for her! And, immediately went to Susan when she took her out of the crate. All-in-all (other than Susan having to make the trip to Boston by herself), Susan reported everything went fine.

Carmie had her ears cropped on 5/24 ..

Dobie pup

These pictures are of Carmie at 8 weeks.

Doberman puppy

Mom's not real crazy about the new look ..

Doberman cropped ears

Carmie and Romeo both had their ears done the same day ..

Doberman puppies

Supervized, they get to play together. Otherwise, they
are kept separate to avoid chewing on each other's crown.
Dobe pups

May 27, 2006 -

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for these pictures. I will cherish the one of Carmie and her Mom.

I hope you and your loved ones have a nice anniversary and Memorial weekend.


The following pictures at 7 weeks ..

Doberman puppy
Bit of dirt on the nose ..

Doberman Pinscher pup
.. she'd been playing in the dirt.

Doberman puppy

May 26, 2006 -

"Howdy. Was just looking at the updated photos. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!! :-)

I know it is early, but could you get photos of Carmie and her ears? I realize they will be bandaged, but I want to prepare myself for what she will look like. Especially after these new photos with her big floppy ears. Thanks a bunch.


The following pictures were taken at 5 weeks ..

Pictures at 4 weeks old ...

Click Here to see Carmie's mom

Click Here to see Carmie's father

Click Here to see Carmie's puppy page

May 27, 2006 -

"Thanks Laura for getting the flight lined up. I am so excited to get to touch her and not just look at photos on the computer. :-)

May 22, 2006 -

"Hi Laura,

How are you? Things are a little wet up this way. Rain, rain, rain. I've had enough. LOL! Hope you had a good weekend. From the was busy. Four pups down with four more to go, huh?

I've been going through the other pups pages and feel the same way as Bob does concerning Rose's ear cropping. I do not really like the long, pointy look. How many options are there? Is this still to take place (Wed.) the 24th?

I went shopping over the weekend for Carmie. Picked up dishes, Nutro Puppy Biscuits, Nutro Large breed puppy food, couple of toys, another nylon chew bone. It is very exciting. A newcomer. I forgot to pick up a bed. How do the pups sleep at night? Is it just on newspaper?

I know it is early....but are the pups learning to be house broken/potty trained? Do you call the puppies by their given will Carmie be familiar with being called "Carmie"? How is Carmie?

Do you notice a change in the pups behaviors as some of the littermates are leaving to their new homes? Is this enough questions for now? LOL :-)

Thank you for your time and all you do to help raise these pups. You are a special person Laura, to be so dedicated.




I appreciate your kind words!

Yes, Carmie will get her ears done tomorrow. What crop do you want? Three basic choices - military (short), show (long, narrow), and medium (in between the two mentioned).

It sounds like you are getting well prepared for her. The pups sleep on a nice thick blanket. The newspaper is down to encourage them to potty off the blanket. I just heard back from Betty's owners and they said they are amazed at how well she is doing with potty training! That's nice!

As for what I call the pups, usually "puppy" or "babies". I try to call them by name but you can't be around them and not have them all on top of you. So, it is hard to isolate one and call it by name .. not that I don't try, mind you.

And, no .. haven't noticed any changes other than the four on site kind of "gang" together more now.

Talk later!

May 25, 2006 -

"Thanks again Laura. What time do you think you are going to pick Carmie up? Were there other pups who got their ears cropped with her? I am getting so anxious to cuddle with her. I hope she will like to cuddle.

Talk to you soon,


"She is doing great. Doesn't like the fact that she can't play with her siblings without close supervion, though. Laura"

May 17, 2006 -

"How is "Carmie" doing? Is she eating the dry food well? I wanted to pick up a collar for her, can you recommend which size at this stage in her life?

It looks like you have a big back yard. How high is your fence? Do you use the "invisible" fence for Aggie, Scarlett and Brindie? Thanks again for all your time.



"Hi, Susan,

Thanks for getting back to me. Carmie is doing great, honest. She is a perfect little pup. As for eating .. like a horse! They all are right now. And, dry food is all they need.

I will have a collar on her when she flies out. It's not going to last too long ;-) They grow really fast. You will be amazed. Our fence is standard .. 6 foot. No problems with them getting out.

Hope that covers everything, at least for now!


This black/rust female was sold but had to be presented to my waiting list as the family that was going to call her "Karma" had some unfortunate circumstances occur thus forcing them to decline. Susan was the first to respond to my notification. It took her a few days to decide .. but then I think she fell in love with her!

May 13, 2006 -

"Hi Laura.

Thank you for the photos. She is soooooo cute. I am thinking I might want her. Again, thank you for your extra work.


May 15, 2006 -

"Hi Laura,

Did you have a nice Mother's Day? I did. I got to go camping for the whole weekend. :-)

I am really leaning towards "adopting" her. You are right about the markings on her knuckles...they make them stand out...makes her kinda unique. Pretty.

I think I will name her Carmie. Short for Carmen the Doberman. "Karma" is too close to "Sheba", my 8 yr. old Shiba Inu. I'm sure I want to commit to her, but I do have some questions. I'm assuming she's healthy.? Huh! Phone.


>>Called Susan and we spoke for quite awhile. Then, final decision was made - BFP is now officially "Carmie".

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