Black & Rust Female Doberman out of Scarlett's 2nd Litter
(Born April 1, 2006 -- Owned by the Hughes)

Cleo went to live with Jay, Marjorie and children in Lewisville, Texas.

May 30, 2007 --


"Hi Jeff,

My name is Marjorie. My new husband, Jay, and I purchased a pup for Laura last April. I was a little concerned because I’ve never owned a Doberman before, but when I visited Laura’s home and was greeted with “dog kisses” instead of loud harsh barking, I knew this was the right decision. Laura’s 2 are so tame and loving – I was shocked! Her children run and play and climb all over them, and they remain calm and relaxed. The real test was when the mom allowed us to play with the pups when they were only a few weeks old. Our kids are on Laura’s website playing with the puppies. She just walked around us, not concerned at all that we may have been hurting her pups. Our pup, Cleo, will be a year old on April 1st, and she is wonderful. Great temperament, smart, and silly. She’s very alert, and will bark if she needs us to pay attention to something, but never threatening. She’s a beautiful, healthy dog, and Laura takes great care with the pups. If (or when) we decide it’s time for one more, we will definitely go back to Laura. If you need additional information, please don’t hesitate to write or call.

All the best,

June 16, 2006 -

Hi Laura!

Just wanted to send you a few shots of Cleo!

Doberman Pinscher puppy
She has even grown since these shots.
(I still have a couple in the camera I want to send to you).

She's brought new life to Payton,
but still sees him and everything else as a chew toy!
Doberman Pinscher puppy

Fortunately, she's shown no interest in things like furniture and shoes. I will send the other pictures next week.

Take care,
Marjorie and Jay

Doberman pup

May 20, 2006 -
The big day is here! Cleo gets to go home today.
The family is excited but Jay is especially so (says Marjorie!!)

doberman puppy

dobe pup

May 30, 2006 -

"Hi Laura,

Jay and I have been planning to write you since Cleo came home, but you know how quickly time passes. I must say, Cleo is definitely the right fit! She is so active and playful, as well as affectionate. The first day home, she took her time checking the place out, but it didn’t take her long to take over Payton’s (our Min Pin mix) bed, chase him around, and begin attempting to jump on the sofa. Within 48 hours, she was running all over the place, becoming more and more familiar with her name, and even sleeping pretty well (as long as she could hear our voices, or Payton was somewhere around). Initially, Payton didn’t want anything to do with her. He’s older and would just walk away, trying his best to ignore her. Now, she won’t let him. She grabs the loose end of his collar and drags him around, jumps on his back, and tries to snuggle up beside him. She really is a sweetie, and very intelligent. Last week, she carried her bowl from the kitchen and dropped it at Jay’s feet, as if to say, “Feed me!” She’s very clear on the meaning of words like “NO” and “Quiet”.

We are having a great time and are amazed at how quickly she’s growing. We have taken a few pictures, and will send them to you soon. Again, thank you for everything, and we will keep you posted.

Marjorie and Jay"

The following pictures taken at 6 weeks ..

dobe pup

Doberman pup

dobie pup

Doberman puppies

The following pictures are at 5 weeks old ..

A true sweetheart!

This picture shows her belly and how good she's been eating!

April 29, 2006 -
Jay brought his family out to visit with the pups today.
They were very impressed with Scarlett and Aggie ..
they put on a good "show" for them, ha!


The pups all look great and healthy!

Thanks again for having the family over. It confirmed our decision to "adopt" one of Scarlett's babies.

We're excited know which one will be Cleo. :-)

Blue or purple? No worries. We can't lose!

Thanks again!

Pictures at 4 weeks ...

These two pictures are just too funny!

Of the three black females, she is the "medium-sized" one!

Click Here to see Cleo's mother

Click Here to see Cleo's father

Click Here to see Cleo's puppy page

May 12, 2006 -

"Hi there,

Thanks so much for posting the pictures. Our family is all over and it was great to be able to refer them to your site!

Wanted to touch base with you on some potential dates/times to pick up Cleo. We are really looking forward to it (especially Jay).

Thanks – Happy Mother’s Day!!!


"Glad to hear you had fun sharing the photos. And, it is fun to hear how excited you all are about bringing Cleo home! Laura"

May 10, 2006 -

Gave notice to Jay that they could pick their pup. The person with first pick had to back out thus moving Jay up and allowing him second pick.


I like the blue tagged one. A bit more energy in the pics.
More defined markings.

So, blue it is.

Thanks, Laura.

Jay & Crew"

April 28, 2006 -

"Hi there!

I’m Jay’s fiancé, Marjorie. We were wondering if we could visit our baby girl (We named her Cleo) sometime this Saturday. As I’m sure you know, the whole family is nuts with excitement about our new family member (especially Jay!).

Look forward to meeting you,

April 20, 2006 -


This is great ....
Our Little girl will be named "Cleo".

Are there pros and cons with ear cropping? We're leaning towards not cropping. Attached is a pic we found of one of your pups. (uncropped) Please give us your insights...

Jay & crew"
Doberman Pinscher
Arion from Aggie's 1st Litter
[120 pound male; No crop]



Thanks for sharing your chosen name! As for cropping vs. not .. I am all for it. I'll list my thoughts for why:

Pro's for cropping
- Gives the dog the Dobe look!
- Air gets in the ear freely and helps to keep the ear much healthier (know this from experience with our Boxer whose ears we decided not to crop years ago)

Con's for cropping
- Discomfort at first (controlled by pain medication!); I have only noticed the pups be more bothered by the contraption on their head when I pick them up from surgery than any noticable pain.
- You will have to wrap the ears for a month or so. That is really not that hard. The vet here in Frisco is awesome (does show dogs, did Scarlett's and several of her pups). Three wrappings are included in the price. After that, if you weren't comfortable wrapping yourself and didn't want to pay $15 each wrapping, I am not too far from you .. bring her to me and I'll do it!

FYI: When you think about having to wrap for that long, keep in mind .. the wound is healed up completely in about 2 weeks. The rest of the wraps is just training the ear to stand and cup.

Pro for not cropping
- You don't have to worry about wrapping or taking the pup in for surgery.

Con for not cropping
- Dog will have more of a Greyhound look!

I really do honor any decision made by the owners. In the past, some have felt strongly against it .. your decision! Everyone in
Scarlett's 1st litter got them cropped. I thought one person, Trinity's owners, was not going to crop. In fact, she ended up last minute having me take her to our vet before flying her home .. it was a surprise for her husband, who I am guessing, wanted them done.

I hope this helped!

April 11, 2006 -


Let me know if you are still interested in a pup. I am waiting for another decision to be made before I can say for sure. But, I would not be contacting you if I did think things were going to go in your favor. Let me know either way.




We are leaving for the Easter holiday Wednesday night. If it does go in our favor...let me know so I can get your deposit to you!

Thank you soooooo much!


April 12, 2006 -


Our last female is yours, I promise!! So, it's deposit money time. Didn't you say you lived in Lewisville? When you are back in town, you are welcome to come see the pups.

Have a great Easter!


"You have made a family very happy!

Thanks...Check is on the way!
Take care of my little girl...he,he!

Jay & crew"


"And you have made my day! This is the part I love .. families getting excited over these pups! Thanks! Laura"

March 16, 2006 -

"Wow! Your website is great.

We just spoke regarding getting on your list for the April litter. We’re looking to add a black & rust to our family. No sex preface as of now.

We have a min pin. I work from the home as a consultant, so I’ll have time to train the pup. I’m also expecting it to be a jogging partner! We have 9 & 10 year old kiddos to run off some of its energy.

Our 1st preface would be to obtain a pup from you and yours a.s.a.p. The family involvement is sooooo important to me. If not possible, we may be open to the other options as discussed on the phone.

Thank you in advance…
Jay Hughes"

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