Born October 2, 2005:

Brandi went to live with Vicki and David in Rockwall, Texas

Christmas pictures - 10 weeks old

November 28, 2005 (8 weeks old) -
We drove Brandi home to day to live with our children's grandmother, GranMom, in Rockwall, Texas. A pretty sweet moment.

Playful moments with her new little playmate, Lucy - a Yorkshire Terrior

She had the "procedure" done on November 21.
Everything went well and she is acting like it was no big deal!

.. in the pictures above, she is 7 weeks old

- November 17, 2005 -
We finally find the perfect owner for this pup .. my mother!

6 week old pictures

This puppy has the most personality of any of the pups. Loves to be in your lap and will follow you most anywhere. When the pups first started "acting" like puppies, she was the feistiest. A lot of the feisty characteristic first noticed has resolved, but she still has a lot of spunk! Last bit of info on her -- she is the smallest of the litter, but this is now only real noticeable when put up to the largest in the litter (red male). Other than the red male and another black male, she is not much different in frame size than the others. Oh, and she was the last pup born!

Pictures at 5 weeks :

4 weeks old

3 weeks old

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Below are observations and some milestones of this pup's development. These are listed newest at top to oldest at bottom. You may want to start at the bottom and work your way up.
November 24, 2005 -
This pup is finally given a name .. meet Brandi.

November 21, 2005 -
This pup goes in for the "procedure" for the ears.

November 16, 2005 -
Vicki from Rockwall, Texas decides that this little red girl is meant to be with her.

October 31, 2005 -

You can always pick this pup out of the group, tag or no tag. She barks, she growls, she pushes her way into your lap. She is my older son's favorite. I can't say too much about the others at this point.

Even though she is smaller, I think she will easily reach 70 to 80 pounds. One thing we don't have are small Dobes. The only other "true" runt we have had, well, he grew up to be in the 80 pound range. When he was a couple weeks old, I had to supplement with bottle feedings for him.

This runt could eat just fine, but I had to hold her body so that mom and the others didn't knock her off. After the first week of that, she could fend for herself just fine!

October 28, 2005 -
Note from Laura:
This pup has stolen my older son's heart. He definitely gives her more attention than the others. I tell him to try to even up his time with the others and he does for the most part, but she is his favorite.

October 11, 2005 -

This female is the smaller of the three red females. She is a "fighter". I really was concerned about her for the first two days after birth. She got real skinny and almost frail. The second day I would help her attach to mom and hold her until she was done. She wasn't strong enough to stay on especially when her stronger siblings were knocking her off and even mom would when she cleaned her while nursing. It took two days of that and now her appetite is incredible and her strength much improved. She has really developed a will to fight for life. I am interested to see how her personality develops!

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