Black & Rust Female out of Scarlett's 1st Litter
(Born October 2, 2005 -- Owned by The Mastromonacos)

October 5 2009 -

Trinity is doing amazing she is the best dog ever and we get compliments all the time! Thanks again for the best dog!"
Tara & Sean

January 18, 2006 -


I am so sorry for the delay -- we have been having a great time! Triity is the best. I have attached some photos from last week while we where playing in the snow. She is having a blast and I could not believe it but her boots still fit.

"Sean and I are so grateful to you. We have the most wonderful little girl and she is growing up to be a great pup. We have met some wonderful people because of her. We found a lady that has some Dobermans here in Calgary. Trinity stops by weekly to get her nails done and her ears taken care of, too.

"We just started puppy classes 2 weeks ago and she is the smartest of the group. The entire family just loves her.

Thank you so much!

Tara & Sean"

This is trinity on Dec 24th just saying hi!"

-- 9 weeks old --

This ear cropping was a surprise for Sean ..

I had to wait until she was home before posting these pictures!

December 8, 2005 -
"Perfect I will go to the bank today and get everything done. Thank you once again for everything, I'm very excited to meet Trinity. I will call you later today. I look forward to seeing the pictures. She so very cute! Again, thank you for everthing, we will do our best make sure that she has a happy home here in Calgary with lots of love as she has seen with you."

Take care,


"I know you will provide her with a good home .. that much I am sure of! That is what sweetens the sorrow we will feel tomorrow after the last pup from Scarlett leaves!

The pictures are attached. I am sending 4 emails with 2 pics attached to each. You will laugh at 2 pictures -- she has now been introduced to could weather. We had a little bit of snow but mostly sleet yesterday which is now mostly ice .. and melting!"

Everything ready to fly home to Calgary, Alberta, Canada

December 9, 2005 -

"Trinity is on her way! Something funny you are going to notice when you pick her up -- I never thought to check the sweater size (pre-ordered) .. well, it was a little small!! I made that discovery last night, ugh! When the crate and sweater came in, I just put it on a shelf up high in the garage. Got it down last night and couldn't help but laugh! The sweater wouldn't even go over her head!

Don't worry, she has something on. I grabbed a sleeper from my daughter's closet that she has outgrown. Also, my mother actually had some little doggie boots that she will never use on her dogs so she gave me those for Trinity. I put them on her a couple hours before going to the airport and she seemed to get used to them. She tried biting them off only briefly - surprised me! So, I will be interested to see how many she still has on when she gets there.

There was no problem using the large crate so that is what she will be in. I gave her the first dose of medicine this morning.

Call me if you have any questions. And, please send me a quick email or call me later on after you have gotten her. Puts my mind at ease! I worry until I hear that everything is okay."


==> This is a funny fact to share:
When Trinity left Texas, it was 3-degrees colder than it was in Calgary, 18' and 21' respectively!

Tara reported Trinity did fine, no messes .. and commented on how beautiful she was! It was a really long wait, but worth it.

December 15, 2005 -


Sorry for not writing sooner I had no idea it was going to be so busy I know the season is rushed but wow!

Trinity is doing great, she was an absolute doll for the car ride home and she is doing fairly well is the house training. She is totally crate trained already and I must thank you for that. She was so cute at the airport when we went to pick her up, it went fairly smoothly we got to see her and pick up all the papers then went to the main building where we had to clear customs and then we went back and got to pick her up. All in all, the process took about 20 mins. -- although it seemed like forever in our minds, we just wanted to cuddle with her. Who could blame us.

She has been very busy since she got here. She went to three Christmas parties and played with the kids, she is so gentle with them. I think she must miss your kids as she was in heaven around all the excitement of them.

Brought her to the vet on Monday and to my surprise they would not touch the ears at all even after I called them about it before I booked the appointment and then the rush was on to find a vet who would look at her ears and tape them up. Yesterday, we finally found someone and they let us come by right away luckily it was only a 30 min. trip. She does not like having her ears taped up at all, she keeps shaking her head and trying to scratch so we had to put a cone on her cute little head she looks so funny.

She has met the cats and wants to play with them but they are less than pleased with their new house mate, but they are getting closer to one another. I will be sure to send pictures soon. I can't wait to see them cuddle together I know they will as soon as they realize how much heat she gives off.

Sorry for no pictures this time I forgot the camera at home and am at the office with her now. No one even knows she is here. She crawls into her very large tent crate that we bought and falls asleep 'til I wake her for a walk.

Hope all is well! Thanks again for everything I will update you as things progress.



"Thank you so much for the update. I love to hear as much as you want to tell me. I would have gone crazy at the airport seeing her and then having to leave without a hug from her. That had to be so hard!

It is neat to hear that she liked being around the kids. With her being the last to leave us, my oldest child has mentioned her more than the others. His favorite one went to his grandmother so he gets to see her .. but having been around Trinity the longest, well, I think he got a little attached! He will be happy to hear that she likes being around kids because of him.

I don't understand the vet not taping the ears for you. That happened with Violet's owners, too. And then once a vet was found for her, they didn't want to wrap her ears until Weds. (same timeline as Trinity's). How are her ears looking? Have you gotten to see them stand at all?

We look forward to pictures in the future! [Especially some with the cats finally cuddling with her ;-) ]


-- 8 weeks old --

-- 7 weeks old --

November 21, 2005 -


I hope all is well. How are the pups doing? I imagine they might start going off to new homes soon, how sad. Sean and I are very excited about getting Trinity home. I am so excited. I look at the pictures daily if not a few times a day. Give Trinity a big hug and Kiss from me.

Cant wait!

Thank you,



It has been a busy week here for us. The first pup went home last weekend (Pyro) then Dillon went home Monday. On Weds. Sasha flew home then later that day Vader's owners came by to pick him up. Then, on Thursday, we had all our family over for Thanksgiving! Whew!

It is nice to finally be able to sit down and email some people!

Trinity is doing great - and getting big! She is holding in comparison in size to a couple of the black males. Pyro and Raider are the largest in the litter. She is not quite their size. They are all so sweet so it is hard to say anything too exceptional about Trinity on that note -- just like the rest of them, she loves to be held on her back and kiss your chin. Too sweet!

As for new pictures, I will get some new ones in the next couple days. Being so busy during the pups' seventh week, I wasn't able to take pictures. However, I gave the camera to my 7 year old and he took some for me. I haven't looked at them yet - keeping fingers crossed he got some good ones.

Take care and enjoy the weekend!


November 30, 2005 -


Thank you for the update. It has been crazy busy here as well. We are just moving into the new house and making sure that the last touches are complete before Trinity arrives. I will be sure to take lots of pictures to send home to you when she arrives!

I can't wait to see her interact with the cats! I am sure it will be funny I will try and capture that, too. I might be changing my mind about the ears would we still be able to get them done before she comes out or should I be looking into it here in Calgary? Do you know what age they should be done by? (I am looking at the military crop, the short one.)

I do love the pictures I think your son did a fine job.

Thank you once again!


"Surprise! She is at the perfect age to get them done. You would not believe how well the ears that have been done are healing. That first day seems to be the only day that has really bothered them. Really, seems that they don't like the contraption on their heads! I need to update the site with the letters sent in. I think reading through them will help you not feel so bad about having it done. Let me know and I will get the appointment set.

I really hope you will follow through with the pictures. It is fun to see them in their new homes! And, it is going to be humorus to watch her try to play with the cats.

Moving is no fun -- hope all settles down for you soon!




I'm on the run but can we get them done and how long will they take to heal? I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Thank you for the quick reply.

Thank you for everything!


"The appointment is set for Monday. I am really not sure how long the healing takes -- it's been three years since I did it all the way through (with Scarlett). If you allow a day between wrappings for airing out time, it is going to happen much quicker. [But when the cut is healed, I wouldn't leave the wrap off after that. Take old wrap off, wipe ear down with rubbing alcohol and wrap again.] By the Monday following the cropping (ears will be airing out Friday to Monday), the cut has a very good scab formed -- that is good ;-)


-- 6 weeks old --

-- 5 weeks old --

Trinity really didn't want to pose for her individual pictures.
Thus, the chin tucked and a pitiful look!

Her favorite toy has become this rope bone.

November 7, 2005 -
Thank you for the new pictures I see that Trinity is tagged green. I am so happy! I can't wait to bring her home (just over a month for me). I understand the rest of the litter is sold great! When do the puppies normally go home?

Well, I just wanted to say thank you once again, I really appreciate the fact that I can go to the web site and really feel apart of the whole experience. Thank you!" Tara

November 10, 2005 -

Oh my the pictures are so sweet. I can't get over them chewing on each other! Totally cute! The one with Grandma is adorable.

I was showing my office and they are all in ah! Thank you once again. I know I say it often but we are so lucky to have found a breeder like you, one that is as caring and loving to her pups. Thank you! We can't wait to have Trinity home in Calgary ...

29 Sleeps and counting. Wish you all the best!"

-- 4 weeks old --

black and rust 4 week old female doberman puppy

black and rust female doberman puppy at 4 weeks old

October 31, 2005 -
Thank you for the photos I love them, been looking at them lots. I noticed that people are already picking there pups, wow is that early. Can you tell their personalities already? Anyway I hope all is well with Mom and the pups. They all look very happy!

Thank you once again for the amazing pictures I really appreciate being able to look at them. I might have to get a puppy album going.

Take care and all the best!

Oh! and Happy Halloween, have a Safe one!" Tara

-- 3 weeks old --

October 23, 2005 -
Hi! The pups are 3 weeks today. This has been a big week -- they have turned into playful little pups and are recognizing us now. Too fun! I know the wait has got to be killing you! I am going "tag" the pups tomorrow with colored yarn so I can start observing their personalities. I really don't think there will be much difference in the two black females. When I am bathing them, there reaction to the water is about the same -- fuss at first then relax as the water is running over them. Look for new pics in the next couple of days! Take care!"


October 24, 2005 -
"Thank you so much for the updates! We are dying with anticipation here. Sean and I talk about Trinity all the time and we talk to our cats too about the new sister they have coming. I know, I think we are nuts but totally loving it! I look forward to the color tags on the pups and knowing which one Trinity is. Thank you so much for everything!" Tara

October 20, 2005 -
"I was all over the website again today the puppies look so great! I know Sean and I are very lucky to have found a breeder like you who truly cares for her pups. Thank you once again for everything!" Tara

October 14, 2005 -

We lived in Ohio for 1-1/2 years -- actually just moved back to Texas this past summer. So, when you say it is getting cold, I can't help but rejoice that I won't be seeing much if any snow this year! (I am not much for that cold stuff, ha!)

Update on pups - The eyes started opening up yesterday morning and by the evening we could see their little eyes in full! They are also moving into that toddler stage where they pretty much get up on all fours then "crash" down. It is funny!" Laura


Lucky you living in warmer weather! Today we got to a high of 55F but by the time January/February comes around we will be at -4F easy. Just thinking about it gets me cold!

Thank you for the updates I go to the site a few times a day and look at them. Have the pups developed their own personalities or is it too soon for that? Well, I hope that your family and the pups have a great weekend.

All the best."

October 12, 2005 -
Thank you for letting me know about the website update. I can't wait! Sean (my husband) and I have decided on a name - Trinity. I hope that it will suit her. Anyway, take care and I will talk with you soon!" Tara

October 4, 2005 -
Tara and Sean from Calgary, Alberta Canada decided to add one of Scarlett's little black females to their home.

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