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Jadzia's 3rd Litter's Home Page

Links for Litter Born September 5, 2006

Litter's Home Page   1st Day   2nd Week   4th week   5th Week

7th Week   Litter's Mother   Sire of Litter

Below are the individual pages for this litter. [SOLD OUT]

To read letters sent in from the owners and
see pictures of the pups, click on the links below:

1st Puppy Sold: Zeus
[Now living in Conneticut with Bob, Robert & Nitza]
-- Red male --

2nd Puppy Sold: Phoebe
[Will be living with Janet and Bob from California]
-- Red female --

3rd Puppy Sold: Ellie
[Now living in Louisiana with Jonathan]
-- Black female --

4th Pupy Sold: Hershey
[Living in Dallas, Texas area]
-- Red female --

5th Puppy Sold: "Major"
[Now living with Alex from California]
-- Red male --

6th Puppy Sold: "Pebbles"
[Will be living with Megan in the Houston area]
-- Red female --

7th Puppy Sold: "Rusty"
[Will be living with Jennifer and family in Illinois]
-- Red female --

8th Puppy Sold: "Nibbles"
[Living in the Dallas, TX area]
-- Red male --

9th Puppy Sold: "Louie"
[Living in the Dallas, TX area]
-- Red male --

(The following pup passed away very suddenly
for unknown reasons when just days old.)
Black Male

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