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Ellie's 3rd Litter

This litter was born February 11, 2010 [SOLD OUT].
Individual pages are listed below (each line of text is a link).


Zoey -- Black Female [SOLD]: Stephanie, Richard, & son from Oklahoma City, OK

Black Female [SOLD]: Mark & Amy from San Antonio, TX

Black Female [SOLD]: Kevin & Cindy from Austin,TX

Maddie -- Black Female [SOLD]: Kim & family from Houston, TX

Venus -- Blue Female [SOLD]: Ashley & Keith from Sanger, TX

Chaos -- Black Male [SOLD]: Shawn & Katie from Denton, TX

Black Male [SOLD]: Kellen from Spring, TX

Uzi -- Black Male [SOLD]: Linda and family from Andover, Kansas

Black Male [SOLD]: Holly and son, Stone, from Mississippi

Black Male [SOLD]: Jordan from Colorado Springs, CO

Quency -- Black Male [SOLD]: Ann, husband, & their 5 children from Missouri

Rocket -- Black Male

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