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Guenevere Sienna of George

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Date of Birth: 11/8/2000
Color: Red and Rust, Brown eyes

AKC Registered

Weight: 90 pounds

Excellent markings, almond-shaped eyes

Excellent disposition and temperament

No white Doberman's in bloodline.

Produced a "rainbow" of colors --
blacks, reds, fawns and blues

Number of Litters: 5


Champions in Bloodline:

Name: Ch. Cambria's Born to be Wild

Name: Ch. Sunburg's Ande Andrew

Name: Ch. Sunburg's Aphrodite Delite, OFA#A55E

Name: Ch. Gerent's Eldo Radley Dob Mann

Name: Ch. Sunburg's Samantha CD, OFA#DP-4030E

Name: Ch. Arco Dob Mann

Name: Ch. Sunburg's Zrurik Annie Ann CDX ROM, OFA#DP 2745

Name: Ch. Florowill's Bit of Magic

Name: Ch. Tolivar's Boo Radley Dob Mann

Name: Ch. Elexa's Crystal Class V Fleetwd

Name: Ch. Dinah Dob Mann

Name: Ch. Ondega's Dapper Dan

Name: Ch. Tolivar's Aristotle of Azteca

Name: Ch. Elexa's Odyssey of Nordlight

Name: Ch. Tolivar's Country Roads

Name: Ch. Domani's Royal Image

Name: Ch. Shady Acres Sadie

Name: Ch. Florowill Patch of Holli

Name: Ch. Elexa's Odera

Name: Ch. Azteca's Beacon

Name: Ch. Von Mac's Manoc

Name: Ch. Von Mac's Machem Mittsu

Name: Ch. Domani's Prince William

Name: Ch. Shaft's Symphony by Jove

Name: Ch. Edelhall Gigolo of Amulet

Name: Ch. Gambolwood's Hallelujah

Name: Ch. Vivian's Selena

Name: Domani's Royal Image

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