Red & Rust Male out of Aggie's 2nd Litter
(Born November 24, 2001 -- owned by Joe & Susan Downing)
September 4, 2002


I just had to update you on our progress. We renamed Arcas (by original owner) Marcas, to which he responded immediately.

He is such a loving fellow. He has the gentle spirit that I had so prayed for in a companion. Not to mention that he is very intelligent, quite articulate, well potty trained and kennel trained fabulously. He has graduated from sleeping outside his kennel to his own bed.

He and Shoes understand the ground rules and they get along very well. Marcas tries his mightiest to get Shoes to play and he is successful occasionally. Shoes, on the other hand, seems to instigate some trouble making. It all evens out in the end.

Marcas is at the vet for an "operation". He went for a wellness checkup last week and all was well. Then this past weekend, we all went to visit "the cousins". Marcas quickly learned the rules at the first stop in Boerne. There his cousins were a 3 year old Great Pyrenees and a 2 year old Lab. The male Pyr was quite jealous so no play time was to be had.

We then stopped at my sister's. She lives on about 7 acres and has a 6 month old Lab. That cousin was GREAT! They played for days and explored everything, but always came back to check in with us.

He truly is a great dog. Thank you so much. He is the answer to a prayer. For the first time last week, I woke up with a mission to start the day with a walk. The first walk since my surgeries. Marcas is a big ray of sunshine and he loves us dearly.

He has deemed me to be his companion and Joe to be his litter playmate. The first week all we did was kiss and hug and sleep on the floor together so Joe missed some vital "bond fests". Joe would come home and they would run and play and collapse in heaps of sweat while Shoes and I just looked on with disdain. :-)

Well, sorry for getting carried away. Joe and I were hoping for harmony and it was given to us. Marcas is a gem.

We hope all is well with you and your family.

In our prayer,
Susan and Marcas"

August 25, 2002 -

Arcas was taken home by Susan Downing to be loved by her and her husband Joe in Tyler, Texas. A perfect match as Susan and Arcas bonded almost immediately.

Pictures taken while Arcas was back with us:

Arcas came back to us crate trained

Pictures with sister, Daphne, who was also returned to us (due to family situation). Daphne flew home to her new family on August 22, 2002. They were only reunited for about a day...but it was obviously a fun and playful day for them.

August 21, 2002 -

Arcas brought back to us as the owner is no longer able to keep him.

Pictures shared by Arcas owners:

Picture at 7 weeks old:

Picture at 5 weeks old:

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