Red & Rust Female out of Aggie's 3rd Litter
(Born March 17, 2003 -- owned by the Roland's)

March 26, 2007 --

"We have decided on a name for our girl -- we will call her..."Isis".

I absolutely love seeing ALL the NEW puppy pictures. Please, keep them coming. I sure look forward to the video, too...that will make it seem like we are there in person. A great idea! As soon as you figure it out please email it to me. Thanks for everything.


NOTE: For further updates regarding Isis, click on this link.

March 13, 2007 --


I have been checking your web site daily since March 1st waiting for those babies to be born. Only a day later than her due date. NOTE: Kinda puppy's birthdate is April 13th & mine is August 13th. Almost made it to Scarlett & Blaze's birthdates. Love those St. Pat's Day girls!
I am sooooo EXCITED!

I definitely want a red please keep me on your list. I want you to pick out the one "special" puppy for me that you would keep for yourself (if you had to choose). There is always that one that you fall deeply in love with. You have such good dogs that I most absolutely trust your judgement in this important personal matter.
Thank your for giving me 1st pick of the litter (of all the red females). That is really extremely generous of you. I will always be forever grateful for this act of kindness. I hope that mom (Scarlett) is dong okay and that she is almost done with labor as I know that you have been there with her being coach and nurse. It's been a long day for you BOTH...8 puppies so far...WOW. Congratulations to ALL! Now I will have to makeup my mind on a name.

Monday, March 11th --
Took Blaze to see Dr. Lindley (ophthalmologist) & she wants me to finish up the meds that I have left for Blaze and then completely stop giving them to her. It is time to see how she does with out them. I'm very scared!

She wants her outside running and living her life again. No rules or restrictions. Fake eye is holding it's own but it is drooping and good eye is scarred but she still has good vision out of it. She is still adjusting to having only 1 eye. Runs into things because she runs so fast outside in the yard. It is 70 degrees outside today and she is having such a great time running around. It's been 10 months that Blaze has been in treatment for the Blasto. I do now believe that she will beat this disease and that she is on the road to recovery. Thank God we did not have to take out the fake eye & sew the eye shut. She is still a very pretty girl in spite of everything that she has been through. Blaze is definitely a momma's girl. She adores me and vice versus (like mother & daughter). She just loves puppies, too.

Will look forward to seeing all the puppy developmental pictures on your web site. I have a color laser printer now so copying them will be so much fun...can't wait to show them to family & friends.




Thanks for getting back to me so promptly and for the update. I have to ask - this means that Blaze will be fine? I sure hope so.

I will put you down as officially having 1st pick. I am working through the waiting list right now and giving notice of the pups. You were first to get back to me! Are you going to drive down this time? Just curious. The only person that has compared to that distance is a guy from Nebraska. We have had some 8 hour trips in there, too. I will get some pictures to you later.




RE: Blaze--
Unfortunately there is no guarantee that the Blastomycosis is gone and there is always the chance that it will resume once that the meds are stopped. There is no sure-fire test to find out if Blaze is now blasto free. We just have to play the waiting game and hope for the best.

RE: Our New Puppy--
Yes, we will be driving down once again to Texas to pick up our new puppy - if that is okay? If you wouldn't mind...we also want you to get the ears cropped (because there is not a good vet around here that does it).

RE: Puppy Temperment--
We want the new puppy to not be so submissive and afraid of people. These are the only things about Blaze that we do not like (and she has always been this way since we got her). Sometimes Blaze can be a real fraidy cat. She did learn to like riding in the car -- she overcame that particular phobia. She does not do well with new situations or new people. She has family and friends that she adores and she is content with that lifestyle and doesn't want to vary from her daily routine. She is very protective when it comes to me then she knows for sure that she is a Doberman Pinscher. I will await pics of our new girl.


Friday, June 16th -- (2 days before Father's Day)
Blaze had to have have a 3-hour emergency surgery to take out her eye. She lost the battle with Blastomycosis in the left eye (they had to remove it). Normal eye pressure should be between 10-20 & the pressure was 40 in that particular eye & it detached. I opted to put in a fake eye & they used her own actual retina for cosmetic purposes. They didn't think that she would make it thru the surgery with the breathing difficulties that she is experiencing from the fungus. I am happy to report...that she is alive and well! She didn't do well recovery wise at 1st (in fact we thought that she had given up at & was totally traumatized) & I questioned whether I had made the right decision. But, she has adjusted well to having only 1 eye and seems to be extremely happy to be back home with her family. She is still on bed rest for the next 4-1/2 months.

Monday, July 17th--
I am sorry to report that due to complications with the left eye I had to take Blaze back for another emergency surgery (on the same eye). I am totally devastated by this turn for the worse in the healing process. When they took out her eye originally they made a 1" incision & inserted a black ball. Unfortunately, the thin layer (that holds the fake eye in place) that was stitched up is tearing apart. It is like cellaphane & can not be stretched back together again. So now we have to try to use a part from the third eyelid to cover the incision so that the black ball will not fall out or so that Blaze will not get an infection in that eye (which at this point in her recovery process would be fatal). What next? Nothing is going easy for her with regard to this disease. Blaze cried & howled when they took her from me (because she knew what happend last time I left her alone with them). Of course, I cried! I was so worried but what a fighter she continues to be.

Monday, July 24th--
We went for a 1 week post surgery checkup & emergency surgery had to be performed once again on the fake eye. There is a small hole but the rest of the eye is stable. She came through in very good spirits. Thank God, she is still here with us. She is such a strong willed girl to battle whatever it takes to be with us. She is such a good girl too (so patient/trusting/loving)! She takes all her meds so easily and lets me clean her eyes and put drops & oitment in them and she just lays there so & is so well behaved. She is getting sick & tired of wearing that plastic cone around her head and is battering it into anything and everything. It is so dented up but she is showing us that nothing is going to stop her now. She is happy to be alive and she has a strong will to stay so. Just hope that this surgery does the trick. The only other alternative if the fake eye does not take again is to take everything out and sew the eye shut. I only want to do this as a last resort but I cannot continue to put her thru surgery after surgery just to keep her good looks.

The goods news...She continues to improve. She is getting a little spunkier and wants to run & play but she cannot as respiratory arrest is still a constant concern. It has been very hot & humid (unsually so) here all summer. We have had the air conditioning on for Blaze since May 26th as the vet says she needs to be in a controlled environment so that she will not have any additional breathing difficulties. She only gets to go outside to do her business and then immediately right back inside the house. She has gained back the 15 lbs that she lost earlier due to the illness (& I am guessing it is because of the predisone "steriod" medication that she is on) & her inability to race around the yard for exercise. Mocha is so depressed and worries so much about Blaze. I worry a lot that Mocha will be a total basket case if Blaze does not make it thru this ordeal. Blaze did not come into heat last month & it is possible that her reproductive organs have probably been damaged by the blasto BUT she is still alive (and that is the most important thing). It has not been an easy battle to fight (both emotionally & financially) the medical costs are astronomically high...thank goodness for charge cards. NOTE: It has only been 2 months (but we are 1/3 of the way) but now we only have 4 months to go. I am trying to stay positive. But will this nightmare never end? I am hoping & praying that she doesn't lose the 1 good remaining right eye (as then she will be completely blind). Unfortuantely, the good right eye continues to regress. We just take 1 day at a time and I am enjoying the time that we do have with her. I have spent most of my time with her here at home this summer. Usually, I am always on the go.

June 30th--
We become grandparents again to Ayden (its a boy). Troy my oldest son is the dad. He is such a good baby. I got to watch him all by myself Friday night (it was such a treat). The girls just love both Logan (3-1/2 years old) & Ayden (4 weeks old).

August 21st--
We will be celebrating our 30th anniversary. WOW! What a long time to be married (to the same person). We put off our vacation to Las Vegas for the time being. We hope to go in September for 6 days 5 nights & stay at The Bellagio.

Hope that all is well with you & your family.

REMINDER: I still want one of Scarlett's red female puppies next year.

Sorry, I didn't email you sooner but it has been real crazy around here this summer. It is so lucky that I work for my husband with all the time off I need for Blaze.

Maybe next time I email you I will have good news. I sure hope so!


Just wanted to share this with you:
I was at the vet's and Blaze was laying down on the floor in front of me (resting). Across from me a lady had a border collie that kept lunging at Blaze and pulling her owner out of the chair while doing so. Now Blaze sees this as aggressive behavior & gets into her protective mode. Blaze patiently watched her for about 15 minutes and then decided enough was enough. 1st Blaze showed the dog her teeth and when that didn't work she scunched up her nose/showed her teeth and omitted a growl. The owner of the other dog proceeded to tell me what a MEAN dog I had. I then very nicely informed her that my dog is not mean it just doesn't like dogs that do not know how to BEHAVE. That shut her right up. Everyone else in the sitting room starting laughing (including the receptionist & technican).


"How are you surviving all this!? It is hard emotionally just to read about what is going on with her. I am so glad she has such wonderful owners such as yourselves. And, the vet office incident was a nice, light touch to the email - too funny. She as well as you are in my prayers. I just don't really know what to say! I am so sorry about everything you are both going through. Don't worry, I have you on next year's list. Just wish things would turn around for Blaze, though.

Take care of yourself, too!

June 12, 2006 --


I see that Scarlett had her 2nd litter on April 1st and the puppies have all been sold.

Wanted to be 1st on your list for your next litter of puppies with Scarlett. Would like a red female.

Blaze is very sick with "Blastomycosis". She became sick with a cough on May 26th she was misdiagnosed with bronchitis (then 1 week later) on June 1st she was diagnosed with Blasto. I have also taken Blaze to both a holistic vet and an animal ophthalmologist (eye specialist). She is losing the left eye (retinal detachment) and we are still fighting to save the right eye. We have already spent $2,500.00 in medical bills in a couple of weeks in a fight to save her life. Unfortunately, she will be fighting the disease for a minimum of 6 months. The pills that she is on cost $5 a pill (given 2 times a day) and the cost of that drug "Itraconazole" will be $1,000.00 additionally.

She is the absolute best dog (my beautiful baby girl). We bonded together (totally & completely). Everybody says that we are permanently attached at the hip (she is my constant shadow). I just can't seem to quit crying and am so very very upset about all of this. I take such excellent care of my animals & to have this happen..seems so unfair. It saddens me to think of life without her. But, if it comes to that I would really like to have a puppy of yours (from her sister). I was going to breed Blaze in December when she came into heat. But, if she makes it that long, she will not be strong enough plus the disease will not be over with yet. So, you see now that is totally impossible. No matter what the outcome, I will never be able to have one of her puppies. So, you see Scarlett is the next best thing!

Blasto is a rare fungal infection caused by spores. After spores are inhaled thru the lungs the yeast form of the organism spreads throughout the body to many organs. It causes severe inflamation of the lungs as well as diseases of the skin & eyes/cough/fever/swollen lymph nodes/lameness/bony lesions & skin lesions/weight loss/occasional problems with the spinal cord/heart/liver/seizures/lung disease & weakened immunity system. Relapses can occur. With treatment the mass death of the organisms can cause severe respiratory problems in the dogs & eventual death. Dogs with brain involvement often die. Dogs that recover from the disease are immune to ever getting it again.

Blaze is on restricted activity. I have to put steriods in her eyes 12 times a day. She takes steriods orally, too. She is on old flea medication called "Program" a chewable tablet (that she takes once a day) to help to fight the yeast inside her. We are still worrying whether our chocolate lab Mocha has also caught this disease. It can take up to 3 months for the symptoms to appear. There is no way to know where she came in contact with this fungus or for how long she has had it (as some animals die before they ever present symptoms). We are among the lucky ones.

Intravenous fluids, oxygen and pain medication is used on severely ill dogs. If the eye is infected then the entire eyeball will have to be removed. Blasto cannot be cured in the eyes and if the eyeball is not removed then the eye will reinfect the dog all over again. If Blaze loses one eyeball then she will still be okay to see & run around the yard... but if we have to take both eyeballs then her quality of life will be forever gone. So, then I will have to put her down and that will indeed be the hardest decision I have ever had to make.

Please keep Blaze in your prayers...I am doing everything humanly possible to save Blaze's life as I love her dearly.




That was one of the hardest messages I have had to read. I don't even know what to say. She will definitely be in my prayers. I just can't even imagine what you are going through. Wow? I'm so sorry. Keep me posted on her progress.

Believe it or not, we already have people on the waiting list for next year. It's crazy .. demand has been high for Scarlett's pups. Anyway, with all you have been through, I will make sure you get one of her red girls.

I am numb. I know you are doing everything you can for her - thank you. It is just hard to imagine Blaze in that condition. I hope she pulls through.

My deepest regrets,

December 21, 2004 -


I am emailing you to get your current adress. I want to send your family a Christmas card and since you moved from Denton, Texas - I do not know your new address.

Also, you had another child (boy or girl)? It's been over a year now but I would still like to say...Congratulations! Please give me date of birth and full name...because we would like to send a gift. I know your oldest son's name is Dylan (it's on Blaze's AKC registration along with your husband Todd) but what is the spelling of your middle son's name?

I also have a (long overdue) letter to send you all about Blaze with pictures.

I am real sorry it has taken me so long to get back in touch with you. I have tried lot-n-lots of times but my emails keep being returned. Not sure why as I have never had this problem before.

MERRY CHRISTMAS (to you all)! Have a wonderful holiday season with your family.


Linda Roland

NOTE: I am really looking forward to hearing from you.



So good to hear from you! The problems you have had with sending us email is likely due to the fact that I have been unable to keep my box cleared out on a consistent basis. We have been staying quite busy. Plus, we have had internet connection problems - finally resolved! - and computer crashings. For the moment, the last two problems are fixed. And, with the snow showing up here in Ohio, things are slowing down for us. Snow. That's something new for me and my family! How much of the white stuff do you see in Illinois? More than I saw in Texas, I am sure!

Thank you for asking about the children. Yes, Dylan is the oldest. The middle son is Brennan. Third time around God blessed me with getting to experience life with a daughter as well. She was born back in January and we named her Taylor Lauren. Please do not send a gift, though. Your congratulations is more than enough and I greatly appreciate you asking about her.

It really is good to hear from you and I am looking forward to seeing pictures of Blaze. I assume everything is going well with her? Please fill me in on how she has fit into your family.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

June 13, 2003 -

"Laura, It was GREAT to finally meet you in person. You are sure a SUPER person & we so did enjoy our trip. Your boys were both so very entertaining. Wish we could have met your husband. Thanks for welcoming us into your home. We made it home safely. Blaze was as good as gold. She slept must of the time curled up to Mocha & did her business only at the 4 rest stops that we made for the long 16 hour journey back home."

"She has so much personality and is so loveable and incredibly only took me 3 times....yes only 3 times (with using yogurt puppy drops treats) to teach her the command SIT. Thank you ever so much for giving us our little ANGEL. She means the world to us and truly is a dream come true.She fits in perfectly (like I knew she would) with our family (Troy, Kirk & Rachel/Blare/Carshon and our grandson Logan -- she kisses him and lays by him)."

"Mocha & Blaze are BEST BUDDIES! She follows me everywhere I go. Not a peep out of her the 1st night -- I slept next to her in the sunroom and she is already very protective of me. Good luck with your new pup "Scarlett" and we just loved her mom "Aggie" (would have loved to take her home too)."

"I will definitely highly recommend you as a breeder to everyone that I know. I am so glad that I was given the chance to meet you and will keep in touch to let you know updates on how Blaze is doing along with pictures. If you decided to travel to Ohio to surprise your husband for fathers day ...I hope all went well and you had a safe trip as well. Take care and keep in touch!"


June 11, 2003 - Big smiles from Linda and Jeff from Illinois who drove 16 hours !! on the 10th to come pick up this precious pup. They were able to go to the vet with me to get her ears rewrapped. That turned out to be a nice time for visiting and getting to know them a bit. Their lab, Mocha, traveled with them and seemed excited to be getting a new sister. Jeff is holding Blaze's new blanket bearing mom's scent for comfort.

June 5, 2003 - At 11 weeks, it was time for "the surgery". Here she is sporting her new look.

June 4, 2003 - This pup sold to Linda and Jeff from Illinois today. She is going to be sharing a loving home with a chocolate lab who, like this pup, hates the heat and loves water!

Pictures taken at 8 weeks

She loves the water!

7 weeks old

6 weeks old

5 weeks old

4 weeks old

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