Baroness Bridgette von Leher
Black & Rust Female out of Aggie's 3rd Litter
(Born March 17, 2003 -- owned by the Peter Fulton)

Received a call from Peter around the last week of May updating us on his pup - whose name Bridgett. She is doing wonderful, fitting into her new life quite well. He said she has been on a road trip up to Pennsylvania with him. He reports that potty training is going well as she gets taken out every hour to do her business. He says he could not be more pleased with his new little companion.

May 12, 2003 - This pup flew home today to Dr. Peter Fulton of North Carolina. Peter reported that everything went fine and that her cage was immaculate. To his surprise, when he approached the counter he found her playing with the employees. She was already making friends quite readily. Peter commented how the pictures on the site did not do her justice and that he was taken by how bold she was.

-- 7 weeks old --

-- 6 weeks old --

This puppy sold on April 26, 2003, to Dr. Peter Fulton from North Carolina. He informed us that she will be spending the summer training preparing her for a life full of love and companionship.

-- 5 weeks old --

-- 4 Weeks old --

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