Black & Rust Female out of Aggie's 3rd Litter
(Born March 17, 2003 -- owned by the Curan's)

August 8, 2003 -
"Hi Laura! I am about to send the AKC papers out - busy summer here!!! Hope you are having a nice summer. How is Scarlett? How is life with three dogs!!! Tex is doing great. I have a lot of regular photos. My husband is teaching me how to use his digital camera - then I'll send you photo's of Tex and a note for the web site!"

"Tex weighed in at 49-1/2 pounds yesterday at the Vet's. Wanted to check her weight for her next heartworm pill! Tex is adored at the Vet's and everyone who sees her there comments on her looks and temperament. She is not jumpy, barking, etc. She
sits and looks at other dogs and slowly meets them if we agree. Then she lays down next to me and smiles!"

"My husband and youngest son, Kallen, want Tex to have puppies! My husband really wants another Tex and would love to have her pup. Hmm... I said, lots of work but would be a great thing to do. Growing up on a farm was the ultimate in raising newborns of all sorts. We had 2 litters of pups back then that were mine. Is that alright with you? Can we breed her some day? I know you want to breed Scarlett some day. How old do you wait for in order to breed - 2 or 3 years old?? I just wish Tex could play with her sister! I love her pictures on the web site."

"I have 3 more weeks off before I go back to teaching and the children go back to school. Oh yes - Tex went fishing with Kallen and I and had a great first swim in the river. She loved it. She does great with her baths here too! Well, back to the family! Take good care. I'll send you photos and a blurb for the web site soon!!"

:) Kathy

May 26, 2003 -
"Hi! Tex got a clean bill of health at the vet today. She weighs 16 pounds 8 ounces! She is mastering the stairs pretty well. She has outgrown my lap but there is always room for her. She was admired greatly at the vet! Have a nice Memorial Day Weekend. Kathy"

May 5, 2003 -
"Hi! We are all lovin' Tex here. She is a sweetie. The first night went fine, every time she woke up & whined I took her out. Once, I just put my hand in her crate and back to sleep she went. Last night was the same! She is eating up a storm! One question I have: she started nipping at us even in the truck on our way home from the airport. She does it to everyone and a lot. I thought (hoped) it was due to her thinking we were her new 'littermates' and that's how she acted with them. We hold her mouth closed tight for 2 seconds then release and give her a toy to chew or pet her again. Does this sound OK? It's not chewing as much as nipping, so I need to 'nip' it in the bud."

"We are doing the touching, etc. etc. . you talk about on your Web site. She seems to tell already from the tone of my voice when she needs to stop something, I don't say 'no' a lot. I either substitute the behavior with the right thing to do, or I look her in the eyes with a firm voice and she seems to get it. Any advice?"


>> I simply told Kathy that what she is doing is perfect. What you have to keep in mind is the age - 7 weeks. At this age, all the pups seemed to like to chew on hands, toes, nip at skin, each other... This has to be corrected and the method Kathy is using is great. You absolutely must not allow the chewing on your body parts, though. Definitely not good behavior. As the pup gets older, the tendency to chew will decrease. By 12 weeks of age, there is a big difference in the desire to chew opposed to 7 weeks of age.

May 3, 2003 -

This one flew out this morning to go meet her new family in New Hampshire. Here is the e-mail Kathy sent once they got home:

"Hi! There was a mix up at the airport but everything was fine. The pup was sitting in her crate, she was so calm! The 1 hour ride home was great. I held her in my lap, she licked me, tried to chew on my watch band, and in about 5 minutes she was sound asleep - the whole way home! We brought her right over to the part of our property where she'll be 'doing her business' and she tinkled! Then we brought her in the house and she gulped down 1/2 cup of the food plus warm water that made a gravy. We brought her right back to the spot outside and she did her business!"

"She is very curious - loves to see our 3 cats - has already rubbed noses with one. These cats are the ones that slept with our last Dobe! Kal (10 year old). I had her outside, she played in the grass, carried her tennis ball around, saw her first snake up close, too! Then she ran away from us, farther than she ever had gone towards her 'business area' we watched and she made it half-way there and did her business again!! What a good girl."

"We had a lot of Irish names picked out but her official name is 'Tex', yes for Texas. Dan thought of that and liked it because she is a bit independent and so much reminds him of his Dobe 'Max', note the resemblance in the names! But hey - he bought me the pup, I couldn't say no. (I picked out Cara - said with a Gaelic sound, means Friend in Irish.) She is now napping - I'll keep you updated!! Thanks for everything, Kathy"

-- 6 weeks old --

"Hi! Your references were spectacular! These people raved about you as a great person and excellent breeder! Thanks- Kathy"

This pup sold on April 26, 2003 to Kathy Curran and family from New Hampshire. It took a few days for Kathy to decide on which one to choose. It is hard when you are distant and unable to see the pup in person. Nonetheless, based off what Kathy has told us about her and her family, this pup is a perfect match!

-- 5 weeks old --
(Of the black females, second largest)

-- 4 Weeks old --

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