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This red and tan male is now living in Sunrise, Florida with Ron.
Ron is Michelle's uncle, owner of Saranda (same litter).

doberman 6 month old male pup
January 9, 2007 - 6 months old

doberman 4 month old male pup
Gunner at 4-1/2 months old
doberman 4 month old male pup
A little rough with the cell phone camera
[Pics taken 11-9-06]

November 4, 2006 -

Gunner's ears are still taped. It's a slow process sometimes and I realize this. Gunner is my third Doberman and the same held true with the other two. However, they are getting stronger as he grows. He had his last round of puppy shots as well as his rabies shot on Thursday. He is 50 Lbs and the vet said he is doing great (I could have told her that...Ha).

He is extremely alert to any strangers or animals around his house and barks loudly when he hears a knock on the door or the doorbell. He is learning discipline as well as tricks. His attention span is increasing daily. On command he sits, comes when called, sits and waits for his water bowl to be filled and won't touch it until I say "OK". Drops things he has in his mouth when I say "Drop it". Sits for a treat and shakes with which ever paw I ask him for. I can put a treat down on the floor in front of him and he won't take until I say ok. He fetches and brings back a ball and drops it at my feet. So, as you can see he is doing quite well.

I will keep you updated on his progress as well as the pics I promised. Talk to ya soon......


October 28, 2006 -

Hi Laura,
Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that Gunner is doing quite well and is taking very well to training. He is a very playful pup with a marvelous personality. Still having a little trouble getting his left ear to stand up on its own, however; my Vet is working diligently to rectify this problem. Other than that, he is very strong, both physically and mentally and we have bonded magnificently. He is giving me great pleasure and he makes me proud. Thank you for a wonderful pup!!

Ron Milo

PS, Pictures to follow as soon as the tape is off of his ear.


Ron - Great to hear from you!!! I am so glad everything is going well. Funny, I just thought about you a few days ago and was wondering how things were. What kind of training has he shown success with (his "tricks")? Just curious!

We'll look forward to the pictures!!

Take care,

- Pictures taken August 25, 2006 -
The pup shown below is the last available pup to date from this litter:
Doberman pup

Doberman pup

Doberman pup

Doberman pup

Doberman pup

Doberman pup

Doberman pup
Playing with his half sister (from Peppy's litter)

Doberman pup

Doberman pup

dobe pups
August 20, 2006 -

This red male is about to have a sort of lonely day. These two photos show his last moments with the last siblings. Both the red and green tagged females leave this morning.

BUT, later this evening, I drive out to pick up Peppy's litter. So, his "loneliness" only is for about half a day.
dobe pups

dobe pup
August 13, 2006

Skidboot the Dog (google video) Check It Out - Click Here

August 27, 2006 -
It was great talking to you. You have kept my faith in wonderful people that love animals, especially Dobies!! Hope to talk to you soon.

August 29, 2006 -
sounds as if you have pretty much covered it all. I'll be home later this evening. I'm working late due to Tropical storm Ernesto. I'll be home around 7.....6 your time. Talk to ya later.

It looks like there are two flights going to FLL Friday a.m. I would prefer to aim for the earlier flight simply because if something happens to cause a delay, the second flight could be a back up. I will call it in tomorrow and book it. Question - Have any flights been affected due to the weather (i.e., hurricane)? Just curious!

Let's talk sometime to confirm everything!

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