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Guen's 5th Litter's Home Page

Below are the individual pages for this litter.
To read letters sent in from the owners and see
pictures of the pups, click on the links below:

[Located in Carrollton, Texas]
-- Fawn Male, Ears cropped --

Anakin & Louie
[Located in Richardson, Texas]
-- Black and Red Males, Ears will be cropped --

[Located in Santa Ana, California]
-- Red Male --

Harley Jr.
[Located in Italy, Texas]
-- Black Male, Ears Cropped --

Saranda - "Sara"
[Located in Sheldon, Long Island]
-- Red Female, Ears cropped --

[Located in Mesquite, Texas]
-- Red Female --

[Located in Mississippi]
-- Red Female, Ears will be cropped --

Red Male
[Located in Sunrise, Florida]
-- Ears cropped --

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