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Summer 2008 Litter     Winter 2008 Litter
black and rust female doberman dam
(Owned by the Cottles)

Color: Black and Rust

AKC Registered: #

Date of Birth: 2005

Weight: 65 pounds

* Excellent markings, almond-shaped eyes

* Nice disposition and temperament

* Carries trait for blues and fawns

black and rust female doberman dam

black and rust female with boys

(Athena is on left)

Athena is gentle in nature. She was raised by other members of our family until they decided that it wasn’t fair for her to live in the city and they gave her to us. She came to the ranch at around 10 months old. Although she isn’t as well trained as Xzus, she is extremely sweet and our boys love to play with her.



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