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Ella's 1st Litter's Home Page

There were just 4 pups in this litter -- 3 black/rust females & 1 red/rust male. Above is the link box which will allow you to view the pups by age in weeks. These were fun when owners were waiting for that 8th week (age pups may go home). You will also be able to view the environment and note the care that has been provided. Below are the individual links for the four pups. Here you can view each pup individually, noting personality traits via the many pics posted. Enjoy!

[NOTE: All pups from this litter are sold. The pages for this litter are not completely up-to-date. If one of the pages lists availability, it needs updating.]

-- All pups are sold and home. --

Bella -- Black/rust Female is now living with Monica in Blanco, Texas

Bella -- Black/rust Female is now living with Angelika in Texas

Emma -- Black/rust Female is now living with Justin & Heather in Texas

Boomer -- Red/rust Male is now living with Debbie & family in Texas

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